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Callumh1234CP - It ain't over yet + Cabinet

Day 2,051, 06:41 Published in Australia Australia by Callumh123

Welcome again eAustralia, it is I Callumh123. I have decided to morph two of my articles together, my cabinet and a bit about me because it is seems to be the cool thing at the moment.

I have already outlined my expectations for my ministers here.

So here is my cabinet plus a description.

CP: Callumh123

My mum says I'm very special.

dCP: Molly Jo

I have had the pleasure to work in Molly Jo's cabinet this month and I am delighted she has accepted the position. I don't really need much of an explanation for this one, she has been a good CP, a hard worker and easy to talk to. She also has a nasty side so any minister/staff who are out of line or lazy will have to deal with Molly or be sent to Siberia.

MoFA: Tim Holtz

Fag_Holtz is a long time MoFA and is the only person in recent memory to hold the position more times than me. He has become a bit like old man Venja and holds the position with an iron grip. He is already in with TWO HQ and has assisted me greatly this month. Perfect choice.

dMoFA: Kamikaze Twist

This brit is an ideal choice for the position, a bit like Hugh he is connected in TWO an Britain, with TWO HQ comprising of a lot of britons and his good timezone for a lot TWO folk he is an ideal candidate.

dMoFA: Neptunian

I don't why, but this guy reminds me a bit of Hinokai. I mean that in the nicest possible way you can anyway. Smart dude and level headed. It's time to bleed in some fresh and active newbs into Foreign Affairs and Tim will whip him into.. I mean guide him to become a essential member in any cabinet.

MoD: Arthur Cole

The man who has been around forever, this commiefascistislamafag has held the position many times and I have given him permission to run rampant in a position better suited to him. He will lead the ADF reform among other things and of course our liberation effort.

dMoD: Dr Hugh Jardon

His mummy said he is very special as well.

dMoD: Nicky6Fingers

A guy I have known quite a while now, he is active and ambitious and this role will let the public see his talents.

MoF: venja

The eternal MoF will of course comprise his role. In the next couple of days I would like to start structuring a budget that will suit the reforms.

MoCI: Joshua Whelan

This guy has been active in eAustralia before.. And Britannia... And eAustralia again. He started a party and only two months later it is the third biggest party. Nuf said.

DoE: Saiwun

Another smart newish player. He will bring life and activity into the position which is exactly what it needs. Everyone knows the DoE always leads players to greener pastures.

DoI: Riyusaky

Riyusaky is always lurking and again is another active newish player. He will not disappoint in keeping eAustralia up to date.

DoISC: Testware and Marquis Andras

Testicles and Marquis will be in charge of towing back the boats. Both players are very competent and I feel safe knowing that such a good team will be in charge of not letting in PTOers and Ajay Bruno.

Director of the Ambassador Program : Csanat

I have asked Csanat to bring this program back to life. I feel if anyone could do it then he could. He is very active and has the drive in order to exceed my targets.

I have also approached older, veteran players to be among my advisors to help guide the newer players and bring some rational heads to the table.\

If you are interested in joining, I am still on the look out for more staffers and interns so please pm me if interested.

About me

I thought I would indulge my ego a bit and reminisce of my time in this game.

It allll started in April 2010. I started as just some newb who enjoyed the complexity of the game initially.

I had not a clue what was going on, so I decided to join a party to help me well, not be so confused. I joined the good old PaPP and because of that I introduced myself to the PP at the time, Bass Junkie. He helped me into the right direction and his guidance and help kept me interested in the game. He then asked me to join the ANZAC BC a militia (at the time there were no MU's, normally you would be in the AAR or Crimson Devils) that he just created.

This is where I met the person who helped me most in this game, Kirkzzy. Some of you old fags will remember him, but obviously most will not remember him. He gave me my first go in cabinet, as an intern in DoE under Chris Carnage, where Kirkzzy was deputy. The amount of work we did was incredible, not only that but the Department of Health and the Department of Babyboom worked incredibly hard.

That was when people cared. I still to date have never seen a better DoE than the one under XG's first term. It felt good helping new players and I was MoE 7 or 8 times after that.

Then came the PTO, where lots of players left, more than half the population. Not only because of that but because players did not like the new v2. It was during this time I began to make my mark in eAustralia. I worked in every cabinet for 4 months in Education where some actual work was being done.

I was given my first opportunity in the big leagues by Ranger Bob and Srg91 where they allowed me to work under them in Defence. However it was during a time where they both went a bit inactive so I actually found myself doing a lot of work and it helped me a lot progress.

Before then I never saw myself as much of military man, but then I was more involved there than in politics by the time I was in the 2nd platoon in the AAR where I served as 2iC under Flatty. It was great, we were flooding with activity and we created a great culture. From there I went on to be Deputy Marshal of the AAR and acting Marshal in Venja's absence. I then left the AAR to help jumpstart a little MU known as the Knighthawks. There were only a couple of us at the beginning.

The MU was started my Undala who I still keep in contact with occasionally and the late Sam Cougar, who I still consider a great mate and a great player. Myself, Sir_c0nstant, Sonny and that noob Henry were there in v2 in which we razed havoc on the eIndonesians despite being a tiny MU. We flourished while the AAR was going through some difficult times adjusting to v2.

I remember sending Majester the initial draft for the v2 ADF and its structure which he improved upon and incorporated. I still see that as one of my crowning achievements. Anyway back to the KH, Sam made Scottty look like newb in the war and credit card spending. He openly gave gold to help eAustralia in which I was given a large sum of when I use to accept donation.

The KH went public nearing the end of v2 in which I created the Hawk Squad and the ranks and positions for the Knight Hawks for the stronger players. We got a lot of interest due to the militias exploits in battle. Where I met two great KHers, TJ Norton and Styvesant. I was at this point captain of the Hawk Squad and when these two entered they helped me immensely in QMing for the KH.

I think at one point the KH were bigger than the ADF which was great for us, we even started to deploy to help allies where moving around was actually a big deal and we did a lot of good.

After Shane died, I sort of got out of the game for a bit. I was really sad for a while, he was not only a player in eRepublik he was a great man and friend to me. I had a bout of depression and he helped me a lot during this time and I will never forget that. RIP mate.

Anyway back to the story and to wrap things up. After that era I ran for CP against Phoenix Green. By that Point I had been MoFA 4 or 5 times and MoD 3 or so times so I felt confident of a win, as I was promised support but things happened and I would rather not get into, anyway PG went inactive and it was up to everyone to hold up in his place and it was very challenging, it reminds me of when Bowen Eley went inactive.

Since then I have been MoFA another 5 or 6 times since then, during that time the toughest period was signing the eChile Treaty. There was a vocal minority against it, and I had to face them like 6 hours a day. The treaty was necessary for our long term prosperity. However as we all know eChile backstabbed us and we saw the real side of CoT.

I am happy that this time and this month we have been accepted into TWO, or well it's subsidiary. I had to condense this a lot because well we would be here all night. If you read every word, you wasted a lot of time and you deserve a clap for paying attention for this long.





AugustusX Day 2,051, 06:51

This seems familiar...

Callumh123 Day 2,051, 07:04

To yo' mumma

Pat McCrutch
Pat McCrutch Day 2,051, 15:23


B u z z
B u z z Day 2,051, 06:54


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,051, 07:23

Voted and glad to see you haven't given up...and good luck on the 5th

I like what I read and to be honest found it very interesting and in need of further ''research''...anyway time to put down the copy of Playboy as the screen has scrolled down as far as it goes...

erm...yeah great article \o/

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 2,051, 07:48

I still think Flatty and Cal should have settled this THUNDERDOME style.

Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 2,051, 09:57

Wish I was mentioned somewhere! 😛

Testware Day 2,052, 22:56

Aussiee Bloke, here I am, mentioning you in the comments. Now vote this article, join KHMC and get more people in. Go go go!

Callumh123 Day 2,053, 01:46

Like I said there are still positions if you're interested ; )

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Day 2,051, 20:53

Yo wheres the mention of the MoI?... lol

Testware Day 2,052, 18:30

Yep. We're there. Buried under layers of other ministry, somewhere above the huge wall of text 😛

mzCielly Day 2,052, 19:04

Testware's going to be in Cabinet?? 😛

Testware Day 2,052, 19:09

I get to steal everyone's cookies as they come into the country.

Anand Singh
Anand Singh Day 2,054, 06:29

vote + sub

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