Calling all Communist Parties!

Day 1,336, 11:48 Published in Belgium Switzerland by Monsieur Guillontine

Comrades, I salute you, wherever you may be in the world. Whether you are in eBelgium or in eChina, you are all my brothers and sisters, and we all seek justice and equality. It is time now, my fellow workers, for a new era. An era where communism is everywhere, in every single country and nation. We must turn these barren lands of inappropriate unbalance into prosperous fields of rich wealth for all to share properly.

Now, my fellow friends, you might ask, how will we be able to bring communism to a global scale? Well, the easiest step is first to join our IRC channel, #e-International, where many communist parties are already commencing meetings. We plan to work together through cooperation, thus allowing for all communist parties to grow as well as become more organized. Soon, there will be a communist party in all the countries you could possibly think of.

The time has come my fellow comrades, and it is time for you to contribute back to your party. Join us at #e-International. Join us!

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Yours Truly,
Monsieur Guillontine
Chairman of the Belgian Communist Party