Cabinet May 2011

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Cabinet - May 2011

Citizens of eSA,

I would like to start off by thanking all the voters who came to vote in the presidential elections on 5th May 2011. It is with great pleasure that, I Grimstone serve the citizens of South Africa as their president. Your support is appreciated and will do the best i can to fulfill theis honor you have bestowed on me.

Herewith the cabinet announcement for May 2011.

Country President - Grimstone
Vice President – Mr. Wet

Ministry of Defence

Minister of Defence – StanEslah
Deputy Minister of Defence –Locutus

Ministry of Finance

Minister of Finance – Lazer Fazer
Deputy Minister of Finance – None
Director of Government Companies – Grimstone

Ministry of Security

Minister of Security – Mark Morcom1
Deputy Minister of Security – Tenshibo
Director of Immigration – To Be Announced
Director of Intel – To Be Announced
Intel Officers - To Be Announced

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs – ChubbZilla
Deputy Minister of Foreign affairs – Fhaemita Malodorous
Assistant to Mofa Dpt - Wincenty1

Ministry of Domestic Affairs

Minister of Domestic Affairs – Al Kazar
Deputy Minister of Domestic Affairs - Nickerball
Director of Education - To Be Announced
Director of Wiki - To Be Announced
Director of Mentorship - Joseph Rich
Director of Fun - To Be Announced
Director of Information - To Be Announced
Director of Population Development - To Be Announced

Advisors to the Presidency –

Leewas, Cyber Witch and Belea2008


We will be running the internship program again this month. Should you be interested, please contact Mr. Wet via pm and let him know with which ministry you would like to begin your internship

Below is the ministers which are available for internship:

- Ministry of Domestic Affairs
- Ministry of Finance
- Ministry of Security
- Ministry of Defence
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Positions not selected by the President:

Governor of the Reserve Bank – Lazer Fazer
Chief of Staff – Grimstone
Deputy Chief of Staff – Merle Corey

Hail eSouth Africa!
Ons vir jou Suid-Afrika!

Onwards in Unity and Solidarity!

President of eSouth Africa