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Day 1,903, 12:31 Published in Ireland Denmark by Hitoyoshi

Since I returned in eEire, I saw a country that suffered both a feverish economy but also a division of its population. This result is more alarming as we are a small country in the eWorld's eyes. We must react to this negative attitude which slows down our country and pollutes the community of this country.

We must be together to face this scourge, forget our different and walk hand by hand. We lost too many important citizens for Ireland like ChewChewShoe (aka Carolus Rex XII) or Damhnaic and we can't afford it. If we continue on this path, it will end in a "civil war" and we'll lose any chance, one day, to enjoy of a strong and united population ready to compete against England.
We can't deny the massive presence of Croatians on Irish land and that some have dark ambitions. But we have to ignore this and think first about our country, this same country for those who have the citizenship.

If some foreigners are here, it's,first, to help Ireland who has very few Irish born citizens. It is true this country have given too much emigration to the Balkans but we can't go back to the past. Croats helped us in the past, we can't deny it. Some people have made mistakes, we can't deny it also. But it is up to us Irish, here or elsewhere, to take our courage in both hands, to work together to tell the world that we are a proud people and not divided.

Tomorrow, it will be the presidential election where there is Marinko Margarin , one of Croatia where there is a strong controversy. So yes he hasn't an Irish origin, but why he wouldn't have the same right as others to run for president? Everyone has the right to have a chance to show what he's able to do even if he isn't loved. We have a Congress, which I am a member, who will do its duty in case of irresponsability of an elected president who won't meet his oblligations to the Irish people.
Some are accused of multis, the easiest way to eradicate this scourge is to send to admins, the list of suspected multis, so they can decide on the validity of these multis who are a poison in this game.

It is time that the Irish people stand together and make a "National Union" so that we rise to face our problems. And it is through this union that we will restore the prestige of this country torn by insults and confrontations. Let's ignore our differences and work together for the pride of a United Ireland.

Nicolas Bonaparte


Finway Day 1,903, 12:33

pirinç dank

MUFC992 Day 1,903, 12:34

great article!

There's no RL Croats in Ireland, only eIrish citizens!


Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,903, 12:46

Great article but its not nationality that is a problem but some humans here accusing people for not being rl irish to cover their own treason and plunder of eireland.

Anyone who is in ireland for some time knows kunts are those who really destroy this country.

And they are so over their heads they can't even lie out of their own crap so they became spelling nazis...their best defence so far..

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Day 1,903, 12:47

"There's no RL Croats in Ireland, only eIrish citizens!"

Tototwalker Day 1,903, 13:20

Ireland isn't Croats, its France !

corto83 Day 1,903, 13:22

D'ou l'expression "Ich bin ein Dubliner!".

Bhane Day 1,903, 13:46

" some have dark ambitions."

Plenty of non-croat eIrish also have dark ambitions. Some notable RL Irish citizens have plans to entrench themselves into government again to prepare for the next great theft our nation, once we rebuild the treasury. As long as we keep creating lures for corruption, our government will attract the corrupt.

So, I would not label some Croats with "dark ambitions" as much as I would say that of some players (regardless of nationality) have dark ambitions. It is not a trait exclusive to croats, which your article seems to insinuate

Patuljak75 Day 1,903, 15:44

the frogs you should ttop trying to TO the eIrland : /

Patuljak75 Day 1,903, 15:46


The Death of Rats
The Death of Rats Day 1,904, 11:32

But i like frog and froggish...

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