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Bulgarian President's To Do list

Day 1,823, 04:12 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by bate Becko

this fell out of Greevas's pocket

1. to show a picture of my behind to the public
2. own a president medal
3. liberate Romania
4. disband Bulgarian army
5. to wipe out Bulgaria

We wonder what he has up his sleeve for the next 19 days of his presidentship.

Bulgarian President's To Do list


MHoropykua IIIuBa
MHoropykua IIIuBa Day 1,823, 04:13

First !

bate Becko
bate Becko Day 1,823, 04:13

а някой едно време обвиняваше Мелиорес, че бил обърнал гръб на народа на аватара си : D

Shyneins Day 1,823, 04:18

In the target ; )

bakalin Day 1,823, 05:08

ами ГЕЙвас, какво да очакваш от него.
Види ли гол РУК и веднага разтваря бузките.

bate bobby
bate bobby Day 1,824, 04:50

hahahahhahah, Mojesh da dobavish i: To trow a RUKs to bulgarian people! I da go zacherknesh razbira se

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