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Bulgaria, who needs enemies when you have Circle of Traitors?

Day 2,070, 22:40 Published in Romania Romania by PaulTC
Chile launched an Airstrike on Romania. The official reason was to help Bulgaria have Congress elections, after one month of vacation:

Chilean army flied to Europe for the first time..

They fought hard and finally managed to land in Varna.

But, surprise.. Romanian Army was nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, in Burgas...

Bulgarian army gets destroyed by the mighty Romanian army like always. Result: One more month without Bulgarian Congress, because Bulgaria won't have any regions at 00:00 erepublik time on the 23rd of july.

But wait, there's more..

Romania starts the Natural Enemy law BEFORE Chile. This means tomorrow Chile will have to fly back to South America. Bye, bye, Chile, hope you enjoyed your stay! See you next month.

Conclusion: Chile and CoT (Circle of Traitors) preferred to fight in the AS rather than helping Bulgaria free its region for Congress elections. This was a betrayal to Bulgaria or an absolutely amazing display of strategy from CoT HQ. Either way, who needs enemies when you have Circle of Traitors?

Hail Romania!
Hail CUA!
Hail TWO (fail Spain, infiltrated CoT agent)!

P.S. Meanwhile, Chile is still celebrating one more month without Congress for Bulgaria. Let's be honest, we couldn't have done it without their help to drain the CoT damage, so let's all congratulate them for this great victory 😃


New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,070, 22:49

Its a total joke! Even if they were TRYING, I don't see how they could have fckd this whole thing up as much as they have!!

Voted o7

Fibonacci Day 2,071, 10:07

So, when rumania AS Mexico they where traitors because they drained damage for the RW of Colombnia?

This article is just trying to make some division in a brotherhood. Hope you rumanians can someday have something similar and not only some damage partners.

Good luck

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,071, 14:03

Lol, surely you can see the difference between Romania's AS of Mex and the Chile AS of Romania!? If you're arguing the Chileno one was for a damage drain -- then why TF did Chile win and Bulgaria lose!?! Breakdown in communication or something? The obvious target was BURGAS and yet CoT spend all day chasing the cheap victory in Varna....

A Pyrrhic victory for Chile weighed against the loss of Bulgarian congress for one more month imo.

Fibonacci Day 2,071, 14:18

Maybe because Rumania´s damages is by far higher than Chile´s 🙂

aravanal Day 2,071, 23:02

"The obvious target was BURGAS and yet CoT spend all day chasing the cheap victory in Varna"

look the statistics, Rumania fight harder in Varna against Chile that Bulgaria in rw, so rumania can`t win chile in a mpp. rw is hard in logistics, move trops and lack in comunications explain everything.

you can prove that today too 🙂 , but now with BG in the map...

congress? the real important fact here is the brotherhood

TortaFrita Day 2,072, 15:31


Darkslowstar Day 2,070, 22:51


Gica RoUni
Gica RoUni Day 2,070, 22:54

Vot o7

Chile your next!

Rondy Rondy
Rondy Rondy Day 2,070, 22:58

Bulgaria , find some allies for you ! You can`t trust Circle Of Traitors !

Darkslowstar Day 2,070, 22:59

poate ii vizitam si noi pe chilieni cat de curand. pare sa fie frumos acolo in america de sud 😛

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 2,070, 22:59

Yeah Bulgaria will end up being the lackey instead of leader of CoT. Power and control is just slipping away Bulgaria 🙁

Dan Pop
Dan Pop Day 2,070, 23:09

It`s only Failsino`s fault, because of him Bulgaria was kicked off Eden and ended like this, losers in a loser alliance.

Tenshou Day 2,070, 23:10

Haha it seems that Circle of Traitors was not enough, now they also are Circle of Fails.

Tenshou Day 2,070, 23:32

Btw, the funny part is that they still don't know that Bulgaria will not have Congress :yao:

DlOS Day 2,071, 00:02

"You shall not pass"

Me haces tanto reir Argentino.

Tenshou Day 2,071, 00:03

"tanto reir" xD

Todavia no entendieron la finalidad del art. tampoco, bue, ya se van a dar cuenta.

DlOS Day 2,071, 00:30

Tenshou, no le des la vuelta, si el titulo es claro en tu articulo y no inventes cosas entre lineas del mismo para salir como ganador. 😉

PD: El "tanto reir" se usa en Chile, comprendo que no la agarres.

soyferni Day 2,071, 09:04

acaso Dios no es amor?!

Tudor Jianu
Tudor Jianu Day 2,070, 23:10


AntrikosA Day 2,070, 23:22

Hail Romania
Hail Greece
Hail allies

titziano Day 2,070, 23:23


Alexandre Walen Day 2,070, 23:23

Comment deleted

PaulTC Day 2,070, 23:26

For me it's a fair trade: Losing to toy planes, while Chile loses airstrike resources and Bulgaria loses Congress 😃

Alexandre Walen
Alexandre Walen Day 2,070, 23:29

Said the boss Country in lose food with AS.
Cry cry, maybe some romanian admin change the cotds and the battlefield to no one see the romanians fighting and losing 😉

PaulTC Day 2,070, 23:33

Sorry, did you say something? I can't hear you over my new Congress seat this month 😃

Alexandre Walen
Alexandre Walen Day 2,070, 23:39

Smart argument.

codrincody Day 2,070, 23:35

Shut up if you want to have a country 😃

Alexandre Walen
Alexandre Walen Day 2,070, 23:38

We can't cause internal problems, so shut up you. Besides be the Boss Country of AS Fails is the Boss PTO'er Country.

Alexandre Walen
Alexandre Walen Day 2,070, 23:43


Big Fail Article!

PaulTC Day 2,070, 23:50

Of course that would we would want you to think, isn't it?

Atendedor de bolu2
Atendedor de bolu2 Day 2,070, 23:29

Chile..GO HOME...

Argessos Day 2,070, 23:30


DrekStark Day 2,070, 23:33


Felicitaciones Chilenos!!

Vote and shout
Thanks Allies!!

cry Rumania?? XDDDDDDDD
cry titziano pls??? xDDDDDD

PaulTC Day 2,070, 23:44

No, we thank you actually. We couldn't have done it without your drain on the CoT damage. So thanks for helping us keep Bulgaria without Congress for one more month!

Daan Rares
Daan Rares Day 2,071, 03:54

Nu ati inteles nimic nu ?

Mr.Hiccup Day 2,070, 23:33

who is crying now xDDD

M Bogdan
M Bogdan Day 2,070, 23:35

A country will have a congress election if they have at least a region on every month on 23rd 02:00 and 25th 00:00 and 26th 06:00

PaulTC Day 2,070, 23:36

2:00, 00:00, same s***

codrincody Day 2,070, 23:36

dap 🙂 nu vor avea ca trb 24 de ore pana sa deschide RW si inca 13 sa castige lupta 😃

Alexandre Walen
Alexandre Walen Day 2,070, 23:46
Big Fail Article

PaulTC Day 2,070, 23:51

That was the whole purpose you silly bulgarian 😃

Alexandre Walen
Alexandre Walen Day 2,070, 23:54

Pfff, I'm far far far of Bulgaria

Tenshou Day 2,070, 23:57

it's something called "strategy" 🙂

codrincody Day 2,070, 23:54

soooo you don.t want to have a contry 😃 ok 😛

Alexandre Walen
Alexandre Walen Day 2,070, 23:55

I will think about it hehe

DlOS Day 2,071, 00:01

Cry more pls!

PaulTC Day 2,071, 00:18

I think Bulgaria is crying the most here. They finally realize what they got themselves into with this alliance.

MrBogdan Day 2,071, 00:54

Plato please add Bulgaria and Fyrom!

cristi4seby Day 2,071, 01:03


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