Building the Japanese Imperial Army starts here

Day 620, 01:50 Published in Japan Japan by Imperial Sun Party

Greetings, my fellow eJapanese! A message from KITA Ikki, your Vice Secretary of Defense:

I was walking along the streets of Tokyo in Kanto region earlier today when I came across three soldiers of the Japanese Imperial Army sitting in the street outside their training center. The biggest one of them stood up and confronted me, demanding to know when he would receive weapons. My adjutant, Sergeant Ryanon, moved to discipline him for addressing a superior officer in such a disrespectful manner, but I waved him away.

Three unarmed soldiers sit in the street in protest

I asked the young soldier where his weapons were, and he replied that he "had received none." Thinking this surely could not be, with the wargames training now fully underway for days and a completed JIA roster, so I used my eJapan cellphone and contacted the Quartermaster at the Japanese Imperial Army headquarters in Kanto. Sure enough, there had been no items donated in recent days, except to the Secretary of Defense:

Still a bit surprised, I asked the soldier, "how do you train without any weapons?"

He took me inside his training facility and I was shocked by what I saw.

The Japanese Imperial Army trains without weapons

I was about to ask Sergeant Ryanon if he could believe what he saw, but I had to grab my adjutant by the arm to stop him from joining the world's weirdest congo line. "Sorry, sir, I don't know what came over me," was his mumbled reply.

I stormed out of the facility without another word, red-faced and angry. On the way past, I saw a cheap restaurant, probably operated by that Black Falcon Commune, and saw another JIA soldier standing in line, towering over the workers who took his order. "Oy! What are you doing?" I called. He shrugged, and said, "It's all I can afford, sir, the employers in this country are stingy businessmen..."

A JIA soldier orders low-quality food at a cheap restaurant

I cancelled my plan to visit ODAIBA that afternoon and went back to my office and began to draft a plan of action to change this horrible condition...

In two to three days, I plan to call a vote for additional funding for the Japanese Imperial Army, a donation of money in the amount of 75 gold or equivalent JPY from the Japanese Treasury to the JIA organization. It will be opposed. Those opposing it will be people who say we "cannot afford it." These are the same people who, through neglect and lack of funding for defense, allowed our home islands to be used as a staging ground for an attack on one of our neighbors. Those opposing it will be people who have said things like, "I think we are too focused on the military" when a funding bill of a meager 25 gold is proposed, and then will spend that much on wellness boxes in a single battle to earn a battle hero medal:
(Special thanks to the Furu Shi Tori newspaper for this article)

The JIA organization will use this funding to purchase weapons and make DAILY donations to the soldiers of the JIA as long as the wargames are in effect. If we can get a large enough budget, we can include even more citizens in the military so more of us can gain rank and make eJapan strong enough that we do not need to bow to international pressure when we feel something is the right thing to do.

If you are a member of congress, I urge you to support this funding proposal. If you are a member of the public, I urge you to contact your congressman and urge that he support it. I also urge Presidential candidates and leaders of the parties to make statements here (or in other news sources) that indicate your positions on this as it is one of the most important facets of life in eJapan and has been neglected for too long.

Thank you for your time!