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Brostralia Supplies

Day 1,827, 17:11 Published in Australia Australia by Australian Defence Force

We're under attack from those who want to take our island and crush our community. With the changes to ADF supply and the fact that MU supplies are not fully figured/passed out I've gotten a lot of questions about how to stock up for the battle. The DoD supply channel #Brostralia is an important way to get extra supplies for these big battles (even after you have received supplies from your MU!)

#Brostralia on IRC

The DoD will be running supplies out of the #Brostralia IRC channel on the Rizon network. If you don't have an IRC client you can access the channel by clicking the name I just linked.

After you click it you will want to change the 'nick' box to your erep user name and click 'go'.

You will have a small break where it may 'seem' like you have to connect again on a new screen but just wait and the channel should pop up.

The Topic

One of the first things that will pop by on your screen will be the 'topic' of the channel. If you're on another client (other then mibbit linked above) it may be somewhere else (such as the top of the screen) but it will always be there.


Supplies ON » D3 and D4 ONLY » We do NOT buy damage » Ⓐ Move to Chile »Ⓑ Post Link + FF + DIVISON »Ⓒ Fight » FOR AUS RW SIDE NSW » QM: irule777

The anatomy of the topic

The topic has a couple important parts:

Supplies OFF or ON ( in this example they are on )

What divisions are being supplied (What we do we need most, this is usually 3 and 4 or just 4 )

Basic Instructions on what to do ( we will go into more detail below)

What side to fight for (For AUS RW ) , Link to the battle and what region (NSW here)

Who is the QM active right now (Who's going to give you your supplies!?)

Asking for supplies

When supplies are active and you watch chat in the channel you'll notice that people keep posting things. Generally with a specific format (the format specified in the title): A link to their profile, the amount of fights they have available and what division they are. When you're ready for supplies you want to do the same thing with your own information. Not sure where to find everything? Look below.

Example: 150ff D3 [ for DraimAlexander with 150 fights in D3 ]

Where do I find my profile link?

The easiest way to do this is to look at the left side of your erep screen. Right under the home button you will see your avatar, your xp bar and your user name among other things. If you click on your user name you will get to your profile and can copy the link from your browser address bar.


How many fights do I have?

The biggest thing to remember is that fights are your available energy/10 (each fight costs 10 energy) The biggest question is how much energy you are willing to use then (it could be everything, or it could be just a part).

An example if you want to use everything you have:
First check how much energy you have in your energy bar now (You will see this in the numbers that overlay the bar).
Then check how much energy you still have that you can 'gain' with food. If you hover over your Recover Energy button with your mouse you will see a little tool tip that tells you that You can recover XXX more Energy which tells you how much more energy you have stored up.
Decide how many (if any) Candy Bars you want to use (Remember to only use these when they are needed! ). For each candy bar you can add 100 Energy (10 fights) to your pool.

Example: Draim has his full health of 650 and a full 650 that he can recover, he then decides that he will use 2 candy bars in this fight. This equates to 1500 energy (650 + 650 + 100 + 100 ) and therefore 150 fights (1500/10 ).

What Division am I in?

If you don't know your division you can figure it out from your level:

Division 1 is Level 1 - 24
Division 2 is Level 25-29
Division 3 is Level 30-36
Division 4 is Level 37 +

I have more questions!?

If you have more questions ask in the comments, on IRC through the link above or reach out to myself or any of the ADF officers, DoD staff or any experienced user. We're here to help!

Updated at: 1230 eRep day 1828

ADF Deputy Marshal


Ouke Stinos
Ouke Stinos Day 1,828, 03:28


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