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British Army Record Day Updates

Day 1,986, 05:22 Published in Poland United Kingdom by Prince Harry.

Dear British Army Members, I hope you are well !

Yesterday was a another great day for the British Army and our super Tank Sir Stupid Genius, well done to all fighters !

Kills 13000
Damage Done 432 million

133 fighters kicking ass !

Our own Victorian cross hero alone dropped over 300 million , very nice o7

Well done to all fighters you are doing the UK and British Army proud !

Help The British Army

To keep this level of support up we need some food and wrm sent to us as you see we have 133 members now , so if you make any excess food tanks or wrm please Donate to either me or Sven , our food bills are rocketing so it all helps !

Thanks !

Do you want to Be The Best ? The British Army produces Legends Jimmy Miller Division 1 Legend and our own Alan Warwickshire and Super Tank Sir Stupid Genuis to name a few, You are more than welcome to fight along side true UK hero's join us today

Many Thanks

Commander Dapper



atWarMadara Day 1,986, 05:38

Yaaay! Look at me 🙂! 7th best! Yes!

wigibob Day 1,986, 05:51

well done
: - )

anomalous_result Day 1,986, 06:02

Ahh so that's where I spent the combat stash lol.

Nolnejmowiec Day 1,987, 13:10

vote o/
Well done!

lee-oon Day 1,989, 01:34

wow 9 votes!

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