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British Army half way there

Day 1,975, 09:05 Published in Poland United Kingdom by Prince Harry.

Dear British Army Members, I hope you are well !

We have raised 50% of our target which is 50,000 gbp which thanks to

These Hero's !

The Stupuid Genius 12500
Howdyho 7000
Don Dapper 4400
Sir Winston 2000
Sven 2000
bigant 1000
Sixeheart 1000
Pattawe polobisena 1000
Hollenboer 500
Stryper9 500
Kaspars Bleidels 500
northscale 500
ke542 500
JonnyRecco 500
Cbdg 500
Captain Blackrudder 500
Daniel Catalan 500
Goldfish 200

We have now put the stock at 100 instead of 500 this will hopefully give more members the chance to donate

you can find the stock here

Once we have reached 50k we can start putting it on the gold market and make some money for the group !

All accounts will be release and we will be buying more q7 tanks with the profits each 10 days !

If you do donate please add your name to the comments section so I can add you to our heros lists 🙂

Many Thanks

Commander Dapper



Sven Goran Duran-Duran
Sven Goran Duran-Duran Day 1,975, 09:15

voted and supported.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,975, 09:15

thanks for the 2000 mate

Carnconnor Day 1,975, 09:31

Looking good guys! All my profits go straight to the MU via my WRM donations 🙁

GoIdfish Day 1,975, 11:51

+200 from me

BigAnt Day 1,975, 12:07

voted and supported

Stryper9 Day 1,975, 17:46

v20 and supported

daniel catalan
daniel catalan Day 1,976, 00:33

+500 from me

Catpain Blackudder
Catpain Blackudder Day 1,976, 01:17

+500 from me

Cbgd Day 1,976, 02:14

+500 from me

Kasparus Maximus
Kasparus Maximus Day 1,976, 19:11

+500 from me

Mad Mofo
Mad Mofo Day 1,978, 02:51


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