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British Army fighting against Chile and UK CP advice !!!

Day 1,897, 22:30 Published in United Kingdom Greece by Kravenn

Well, I mentionned it on UK forum, eUK lost MPP with Chile.

This is not due to CPs who forgot to launch renewal but because Australia and Chile are at war.

To be short : UK had MPPs with each country. Chile and Australia signed a peace agreement.
Sadly, it was broken following that no improvement were made by Australia to have a pro CoT stance and several Australian congress members (and high profile) fought in RWs against Chile (which had the consequence to break the agreement).

On the same time, when 2 countries which you have MPPs launch war : you only keep the defender one (here Australia).

During last evening, UK CP published a clear stance when he asked to UK fighters to not fight on that conflict and a MPP with Chile will be signed as soon as possible (understand : once conflict ends or in the worst case, when australian MPP ends).

In my opinion : He made a wise choice, Chile is a nice country and a good ally, our relations are excellent.
I'm sure that as long as UK have MPP with Australia, he will do his best to never put that conflict as campaign of the day.

Sadly, I receive an information that a military unit called "British Army" and leaded by DonDapper decided to not follow CP advice (and his MU is known as one of the strongest in eUK)

Even if your spanish is poor, you can see that DonDapper chose himself to his soldiers to "fight for Australia in Victoria" (against Chile).

I don't hide that it is very disappointing to see that kind of things, especially when you can choose to help "Estonia against Finland" or "Macedonia against Greece".

In that move, Uk government isn't to blame. Sadly, the choice made by that MU leader isn't a good one towards UK allies and it can affect relations between 2 countries. I also hope to see that MU leader explains what he has in mind when he made that choice.

PS : British Army isn't the official UK MU. The official one is Legion and that Military Unit follows TWO orders (and will not fight against Chile)




G V N Day 1,897, 22:34


J O S E P H Day 1,897, 22:37


II SKYNET II Day 1,897, 22:40

kraven es chileno?

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Day 1,897, 22:44

if it's a private army that gets no gov support, he's completely free to do what he wants to do!

Lorena.Chile Day 1,897, 22:45

es como si fuera uno mas 🙂
ty kravenn!

Kravenn Day 1,897, 22:46

I'm a chilean friend, and UK congress member 😉

Majester Day 1,898, 23:14

Hard to get more CoT MPPs when CoT countries refuse to MPP you for fear of Indonesia invading Aus.

As to the RW accusation, Tasmania was started and won by Argentina, and South Australia was started by CoT SG and won by Argentina... but hey, it MUST be Australia because, you know, Aus were wiped by Chile for 5 months because their army is stronger than Chiles.

Know the facts:

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 1,898, 23:49

>"In that move, Uk government isn't to blame. "

Aside from the fact the government consists of congress and congress voted for the Aussie MPP.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,898, 01:44

Bit silly when both countrys are fighting are our mpp blame the game not me i didnt get no CP mail , plus like someone just said

if it's a private army that gets no gov support, he's completely free to do what he wants to do!

BoatsandHoes Day 1,898, 01:57

The poor smear campaign continues against Don Dapper, what children you are!

Failing to accept ones defeat will never allow you regain your former powers you know, if you want to regain power then cheap shots like this sadly just wont do it, people are not that naive

Oh not voted btw!

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,898, 02:05

If you set number 1 to fight for austraila when a battle ends and I go to bed it will just do it auto fight for Aus doesnt matter who it is against both country are our mpps so it a game bug , smear off 🙂

Judoka7 Day 1,898, 02:16

thanks Kravenn and all uk friends!

Sexagenarian Day 1,898, 02:25


Nohjis Day 1,898, 02:40

"If you set number 1 to fight for austraila when a battle ends and I go to bed it will just do it auto fight for Aus doesnt matter who it is against both country are our mpps so it a game bug , smear off"

But in that case it marks "Order of the day (according to the priorities of the military unit)" and not "set by Don Dapper".

But as said, it's your private Military Unit, so it's your choice.

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,898, 03:01

it seems we ought to improve MU communication

Kravenn Day 1,898, 03:03

100% agree with nohjis.
DonDapper, you are MU commander, you are the only one who can choose priorities for you MU.
If your first choice was "fight for australia" : there should be "according to prio of the MU", In that case, I shouldn't make that article.

Here, you choose yourself to fight against Chile who is a good friend and ally. Your explanation isn't good and every commander can confirm what Nohjis said.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,898, 03:28

In fact i'm a private army and don't even have to offer an explanation , I dont answer to you ! it was a mistake its not my fault both countries are our allies and are fighting how often does that happen NEVER , I see this a game fault and I had no mails from THE CP !

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,898, 03:56

You can quite clearly see here

this is more a game BUG and how the game is set up , if both countries are allies another option should come up, right now if you go into that fight no matter what you do you fight against chile our good friends , I really think this is problem that needs to be highlighted to admin as in all my time here I cant remember when 2 allies were fighting against one another and the option was there to fight Vs then makes no sense,

sorry Chile but blame the Game not us

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,898, 04:04

Oh I see what has happened and now i have read it CHILE are not our MPP now , so we can fight against them so our allies were fighting against Chile - See NO ONE has told me this -

Keep people in the LOOP and maybe let me in TWO HQ its funny how after trying to get access to TWO i cant even get this

This is more your fault than mine for not giving me no information , you say the British Army does alot of damage we if you don't tell the Commander whats going on that is no my fault , get my access to TWO HQ now and this wont happen again !

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Day 1,898, 04:07

stop exagerating.
It's his private MU, he decides where he sets the order.

What does he own the gov when he gets no support?
Poland has many MU's that fights only against poland and it's allies, but who cares? Who makes an issue of it? What allied countries make a problem of it? None, not even chile!

shipamogli Day 1,898, 04:09

@Don Dapper: of course you will appear in eAus side, eUK don't have MPP with eChile!

N W G Day 1,898, 04:15

Don already proven to have lied saying it was auto set to the battle when he went to bed, when it clearely says he set the battle himself. I dont think your going to get the answer your looking for.

He is right in though that its his own MU and can set what ever he wants. Just as shame he set it to fight against the UK own alliance and its harming friendships thats taken time and effort from others to set up

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,898, 04:15

Yes I just said that that is not my fault UK doesnt have MPP with chile, Its funny Shipamogi the day i recruit 2 member from chile Kraven released this ,

What I don't understand is a simple mail could sort this out , but to put it up on the forums and then an article is a pretty low way to go about business the only idea here is to try and give the Army a bad name pretty sad as we are fighting on the side ,This coming from someone who has held important government roles .

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,898, 04:16

This is important because we support CoT, which is Chile's alliance, not Aus. Signing the Aus MPP was a mistake due to poor communication (the former MoLA told people to vote freely on it before the MoFA could tell them to vote no).

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,898, 04:23

stop exagerating.
It's his private MU, he decides where he sets the order.

What does he own the gov when he gets no support?
Poland has many MU's that fights only against poland and it's allies, but who cares? Who makes an issue of it? What allied countries make a problem of it? None, not even chile!

Tecuvo that is so true this is what a lot of players are like in the UK you will see all the nasty ones here come and comment to smear the one they Fear Don Dapper , Don Dapper grabbing all the media 🙂

UK community I will advise you to watch the people who comment the people who write this look at there parties see what kind of people they are then Join New Era , many old fags are butt hurt over how there parties are falling by the way side and Don Dapper strikes fear into there empty souls , The UK needs real men , not little babies crying in the media all the time

For we will make the UK great again -- lets have men not mice

shipamogli Day 1,898, 04:30

I did look for you, coudn't find you...

I came to UK, I quited my MU so I can join an eUK MU, and first thing I see is a DO (setted by you) calling to attack us. Even having two other allies to help, you chose to attack eChile, I know It's a private MU, but why eChile?

N W G Day 1,898, 04:32

@Don.. why do you always drag New Era into things like this. This is about your role and leadership of a MU. It has nothing to do with politics or parties. Yet constantly you keeping trying to turn it into such a debate.

People dont hate you or BA or New Era but if people cant ask why a British based MU us fighting against UK intrests without dragging them in then your just helping to cause a bigger divide between everyone when theres no need

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,898, 04:39

LOL then mail me don't go public and I would have said cos i wasn't told simple as that !

This is about New Era cos it shows the people we are dealing in the UK , I have a private MU I don't answer to you a mistake was made due to fact chile isn't out mpp and you do this , its shows the what some nasty people are like in the UK this is something NEW ERA fights against and the public are with us are NEW ERA got number 1 votes in congress a few days ago

And my fight will go on harder than ever , the UK needs men not mice and not bullies ,

Do we need a nation of babies running to the media - I think not !

FragUK Day 1,898, 04:40

MoD oders were mail'd to MU commanders 3 times yesterday, and Don you are on that mail list.
there are also set on the forum and in topic in #mod on IRC.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,898, 04:48

last update for to night.

Prioity 1: - (Estonia v Finland) - Kest-Eesti -

Prioity 2: - (RoM v Greece) - Ionian Islands -

You sent me this last night -- no where does it state about Chile maybe you need to sort out your messages, where did it say dont fight for Australia ?

FragUK Day 1,898, 04:52

where did it say fight for Australia?

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,898, 04:57

where does it say DON'T ? which i think is more important as they were fighting against chile maybe that should have been high lighted

I don't have to take orders from the UK MOD or TWO this is a private MU you don't give us weapons to fight there is no chain of command , a simple mistake by the government with information was made during a time most of the British Army are sleeping

end of story

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,898, 04:59

Change your name from "British army" back to "Bulldogs" if you want to fight against British interests.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,898, 05:04

Well you are being very silly , Austrailia was our MPP chile wasnt so really we was fighting for our allies

you cant blame me if Chile wasnt our mpp can you ?

N W G Day 1,898, 05:05

how is this a mistake by the Government when you ignored the battles given to you from them and instead picked a completely different battle.

First you lied about it being auto, then you try and drag New Era into this and now your blaming the Government not informing you properly ??

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,898, 05:16

This is the Fact of the matter

Australia is our MPP Chile isn't

so i don't get your problem ?

plus the fact we are a private MU ! Now if you send me a mail saying don't fight against chile then I did then maybe that would be a little issue but I got no mail ! but still you don't send me weapons you have NO say where we fight! In Fact I have no case to answer and I'm off to play some total war

Joe Rooke
Joe Rooke Day 1,898, 06:15

Why did this have to be publicised? Couldn't you have settled this via PM?
Congrats on making the eUK look worse, it's not like it doesn't have a bad rep. as it is.

helpmeslack Day 1,898, 07:18

TUP tryin to take eUK down with it Rooke-san : 3

Sexagenarian Day 1,898, 07:37

"TUP tryin to take eUK down "

I'm no friend of TUP but that simply isn't true. What we have is a MU which by its name is seen by some outside eUK as government controlled fighting against eUK allies.

Maybe it would be better if the Don joined a MU in the country of his citizenship

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 1,898, 08:47

I don't think this is particularly article-worthy. Not the wisest move (if it was indeed intentional - I have been a commander and I know how irritating it is when things reset), but as others have pointed out he is not obligated to follow any orders if he is not representing a government or receiving funding.

I will agree with the criticism of the naming convention, particularly when I always see articles entitled 'OFFICIAL BRITISH ARMY ORDERS' etc.

Carlini8 Day 1,898, 09:36

Don, you have every right to set the DO where you like. You, like myself get PM'd all the time where the eUK would like us to fight, I HAVE to follow that, you on the other hand do not.

You may however wish to address how you handle criticism.

rforster Day 1,898, 11:32

Shupa me la Shipa o/

Bohemond4 Day 1,898, 13:00

Did we expect anything else? Not sure that this is really that much of a shocker...

Viridi Day 1,898, 13:17

I'm with Don Dapper on this, for once.

Alphabethis Day 1,898, 14:20

I didn't fight against Chile. Point 1. Blame automatic orders and poor communication, typical from BigAnt era.

Estimados chilenos, si leen estos, no hay ningun tipo de animosidad por parte de British Army en contra de Chile, es solo un fallo automatico y falta de comunicacion.

On Guard!

Angela Williams
Angela Williams Day 1,898, 15:16

Right this is the governments fault, better MU in game communication, Mr woldy you have done it again.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,898, 15:23

Kravenn is only publishing because his Chilean friends in Don's MU asked him about it - note that the screenshot is in Spanish, whereas Kravenn speaks French and English, and he is not in the MU to see the set orders himself.

alexg737 Day 1,898, 16:09

Why did this have to be publicised? Couldn't you have settled this via PM? x2

If genuine concern for what was most likely an honest mistake was the priority instead of shit stirring, then yes, a PM would have been more appropriate. But I think we have come to know Kravenn better than that. I wonder how he has come to be such a foreign affairs expert when they seem so happy to heap jeapordise these fantasy relationships when things don't go their way.

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