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Bread,bread and nothing but the bread :D

Day 1,906, 06:49 Published in Austria South Africa by Duuuutan

Dear citizens of eAustria

My opinion is that we need bread more than weapons,more than politics
I'm newbie I don't have so much gold to share 500 units of q1 bread to each of you.
But proporcionaly to my strenght and level I'll share 100 q1 bread
Everything that you have to do is to VOTE and SUBSCRIBE
Than left in commnet number of your Vote and Subscribe
And i will send 100 q1 bread to you as soon as it's possible! 😃

Duuuutan 😃



Demolitioncrew Day 1,906, 08:27

V2 Sub3
btw what do u mean by not having so much gold? you dont need gold to buy food

Caio Veras
Caio Veras Day 1,906, 09:45


Duuuutan Day 1,906, 09:47

There is 250-300 active players in Austria
to give 100 bread to all of them is inpossible to me
i dont have so big storage and
i can't produce so much bread 😃
i donated 100 brad q1 😃

Gunner BR
Gunner BR Day 1,906, 09:57

4 / 5 / shout!

Hulk Vermelho
Hulk Vermelho Day 1,906, 10:38


CyberVirus1207 Day 1,906, 13:23


Don Jesus
Don Jesus Day 1,906, 13:46

v 7 s 8

Walther PPK
Walther PPK Day 1,906, 14:01

v 8 s 9

kardorost Day 1,906, 20:52

v11 s10

OEBernd Day 1,908, 02:51

Heyho, get food frm wschwabe every day.
you have one q1 factory when you start. how much more do you need daily?

lLordl Day 1,908, 06:12

v15 sub 12

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