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Brainstorm: How to start an eSA'an baby boom?

Day 1,790, 17:29 Published in South Africa South Africa by WastelandENT

Hello eSA,

I write this article in the hopes of getting some support behind the idea of trying to start a baby boom in eSA. I have been doing a lot of research on ways that other nations have started baby booms in the past and I have come up with a list of ideas that I think can work for eSA.

1. Advertise on other browser based gaming websites in comment section or forums. ( ex. Grepolis, Tribal Wars, Addicting Games, Evony, etc. )

This will draw in players from games that have similarities to eRep, therefore increasing the chance that these players will enjoy the game and choose to continue playing. The only problem with this method is that there is no way to assure that these players will join eSA because they will be from around the world and may want to join their own nation. With this method we are basically casting a large net and hoping to catch a few fish.

2. YouTube videos. Video ideas

2b. Use Viewtube train in order to increase views. ViewTube train

I think this may be one of our best avenues of attack. With the creation of YouTube videos we can tailor the advertisement to be eSA'an specific and should hopefully bring in some new citizens. We would need someone who is talented enough to put together a good video though, a bad video would be horribly ineffective. A well crafted video coupled with the use of ViewTube train could be eSA's baby boom gold mine.

3. Get articles in popular South African gaming magazines such as NAG. NAG online

Advertising in RL SA magazines is probably the best way to assure that the new citizens we bring in would join eSA. obviously there is no way to be 100% positive all the players we attempt to reel in will join eSA, with this method we should be able to assume the majority of people drawn in will join eSA.

4. Get more support behing The Gaurdian's contest idea. Contest idea on eSA forum

I think this idea is great and could really spur more current citizens to start inviting people they know. Incentives are always a great way to get people moving on something.

5. Creation of websites. eIndias website

This was one of the ideas I found that I really liked. Creating a website in order to publicize the plight of eSA. This should not be hard either, considering there is many places that free websites can be created. The hardest part of this method will be getting the website in the spotlight so that people will see it. One of the ways I think that issue could be solved is with a dedicated link campaign, all it would require was a few dedicated people who were willing to put the link of the created website anywhere and everywhere they could.

6. Advertise on Stack exchange Stack exchange

This is a website I was able to find that people can use for free to discuss anything gaming related. I believe this is a viable option sense we know the site is used by people who like gaming, therefore a post on this site would certainly draw in at least a few new citizens.

7. Creation of a committee to help kick start the baby boom.

I believe that the creation of a committee to help get the ball rolling on some ideas for a baby boom is something that will really help get a baby boom kick started. Maybe a structure where one person is in charge of each individual idea and they then get people to volunteer to help them with their individual task.


Retention is the most important part of a successful baby boom. After all, why go through the trouble of starting a baby boom just to let all the new citizens die. I think some ways to increase retention of new citizens is to have a welcoming committee that is organized by the government, also increasing forum activity in certain areas of the forums such as the PP and MU sections. Those sections seem to rarely be used, any new citizen looking at those parts of the forum could mistakenly think that our forums are dead and lose interest. Now, I must say that since my last article about the NPP being unorganized was published the NPP section of the forum has been updated and reformed under the leadership of Gambit LeBeau. Congratulations to Gambit and all involved, they are doing a great job with the NPP so far.

I think if eSA makes a unified effort to start a baby boom and the whole nation gets behind the idea then we should have a legitiment chance of creating a baby boom that can really increase our influence in the world.

As always, thank you for reading eSA.
WastelandENT signing off,



Alfredo The Sauce
Alfredo The Sauce Day 1,790, 18:55

Read and voted! eSA's lucky to have new players like you Wasteland.

WastelandENT Day 1,790, 19:06

Thank you!

SM333ZA Day 1,790, 21:29

indeed! good article - fresh and do-able ideas

George Silver
George Silver Day 1,790, 21:34

Very well researched set of ideas you have here!

You have a very bright future here! 🙂

WastelandENT Day 1,790, 21:42

Thank you!

OKayOK Day 1,790, 23:26

Very good ideas Lets get cracking.

Wacky368 Day 1,791, 00:11

Great ideas. Voted.

BataIjun Day 1,791, 00:35

In Croatia it was enough for some article to be published in local RL newspapers about a game where we fight our 'traditional' enemies - Serbs and always the baby boom came along. Most of the players didn't stick around, some of the ones that joined were fueled only by RL hatred, but there was always quiet the normal bunch that stayed through our youth programmes

Gambit LeBeau
Gambit LeBeau Day 1,791, 00:52

Good Idea's WastelandENT!
The NPP will be contacting you shortly...

WastelandENT Day 1,791, 00:57

I look forward to it!

kuckuck Day 1,791, 01:09

Voted hard

Away From Keyboard
Away From Keyboard Day 1,791, 03:21

Great ideas. I like them. Voted !

Vanessa1309 Day 1,791, 07:37

Brilliant! We need babies like we need air around here!

Nathaniel Birchwood
Nathaniel Birchwood Day 1,791, 07:39


The Gaurdian
The Gaurdian Day 1,791, 09:18

Nice Article, Voted

Rexdeus Day 1,791, 10:47

Great article, a job well done.
Now we have ideas, should the next step be getting players involved in a couple of the points and start working on this?

WastelandENT Day 1,791, 10:57

I would be more than happy to get a few people together and start working on this if it has the nations blessing.

Don Vin
Don Vin Day 1,791, 14:42

WastelandENT am loving your idea an am looking for to you playing a major role in eSA

WastelandENT Day 1,791, 14:47

Thank you!

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