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Boot Camp: Basic War-Fighting for New Citizens

Day 1,210, 12:16 Published in USA USA by Bradley Reala
Fight Smart
Eugene Harlot originally wrote an article similar to this. I have updated his original article for the current game mechanics.

Many new citizens want to know how they can fight in support of America. Below is the simplest, most direct information for raw recruits and untrained civilians to gain wellness, experience and boost productivity through combat.

1. Know yourself.

You must be a minimum wellness of 20 to fight in a battle. Food can be used to immediately increase your wellness, but beware, you can only regain 300 wellness per day. Because food costs less than weapons, it is better for you to fight as many times as possible with no weapons. Example: You will do more damage with 30 bare handed fights than you will with only 10 Q5 fights, but both will cost a similar amount of money.

2. Know your weapons.

Weapons increase your damage. The higher the weapon, the higher the damage increase. YOU DO NOT NEED A WEAPON TO FIGHT. You can fight bare-handed in any battle and every bit helps the American war effort.

To fight, go to the active war page. Look for wars that have active battles and click on details. Then click on "Go to Battlefield" This will take you to the battle page. Click the big "FIGHT" button in the middle of the screen.

EACH FIGHT DEGRADES YOUR WEAPON BY ONE USE. A weapon falls apart after its uses are depleted, and the quality of the weapon tells you how many uses it has. For example, a Q1 weapon has one use, while a Q5 has five uses. So be smart and buy what you can afford.

Each fight reduces your wellness by 10 points. Each fight gives you 1 exp.

3. Know your limits

Each battle lasts between 16 and 30 hours, with "mini-battles" ending every two hours. To do the most good in a battle, it is recommended that you fight near the end of those mini-battles.

DO NOT "OVER-FIGHT" Depending on how much food you have, you need to be very careful about over fighting. You can only work if you have greater than 20 wellness, so don't use all your food fighting and then leave yourself with less than 20 wellness. It is recommended that you save enough food to get back to 100 wellness for the next day.

4. Know how to fight smart.

Always Work and Train first. Working productivity is based on wellness, and Training only takes of 1 wellness and increases your strength which increases damage. After working and training, then you can fight. Because your influence on a battle is not dependent on your wellness, you can fight a few times, and then heal back up using food.

5. Know your orders.

The DoD Orders are the OFFICIAL orders newspaper of the eUSA. They are updated daily or more, and will give you good information on where to fight. By following the DoD Orders, you will help put damage where it is most needed.

Remember to click the "subscribe" button in the upper right corner of the article, so that each new issue will be automatically sent to your "subscriptions," and remember to read every day to make sure you do the most good with your damage.

Fight smart, fight hard.


PigInZen Day 1,210, 12:18


Bradley Reala
Bradley Reala Day 1,210, 12:19

Fight smart, fight hard.

Ruthain Day 1,210, 12:22

Fight hard but fight smart!

Turd Fergusen
Turd Fergusen Day 1,210, 12:25

I guess its pretty cool having an actual public and transparent JCS for once. Nice job

Joe DaSmoe
Joe DaSmoe Day 1,210, 12:37

✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
Semper Fi
✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯


Necroman MMO
Necroman MMO Day 1,210, 12:39

well said

Darkskye Day 1,210, 12:41

fight smart or don't fight at all

Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Day 1,210, 12:42


Krixuz Day 1,210, 12:43


Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Day 1,210, 12:54

"STFU and fight."

coneviza Day 1,210, 12:56

well, new players should not use weapons imo. maybe providing some numbers like what influence they do when they fight barehanded and wiht weapon at certain strenghts might help to understand the very low marginal effects of weapon usage at lo strenght levels. probably they will notice the waste when they experience it, but it would be good to warn beforehand in order them to save some money.

Mysterious.Mind Day 1,210, 13:22


silisius Day 1,210, 14:27


Blue Holt
Blue Holt Day 1,210, 18:06

Classic. ~

Glove Day 1,210, 18:20

nice tips

Mr. Rotondi
Mr. Rotondi Day 1,210, 20:15

Don't start fighting until you have a good deal of training under your belt since early on everbody you face will be alot stronger than you.

Also buy enough food to heal 10 X the total #weapon uses

Save money to afford good weapon and food supply

Spamgobbler Day 1,211, 06:37

"Don't start fighting until you have a good deal of training under your belt since early on everbody you face will be alot stronger than you."

Why not start right away once you can afford the food to heal yourself? It's experience and battlefield rank which only serve to make you stronger.

"Also buy enough food to heal 10 X the total #weapon uses"

Most older players would more strongly recommend Bradley's version - spend your money on food, because weapons don't add as much damage as additional fights. The math on this has been done to death elsewhere, I just can't find it now.

"Save money to afford good weapon and food supply."

Save money to afford good food supply. Stick to the cheapest food per health available, usually Q1 food (2 health) is the most bang for your buck. Save the weapons for once you can self-supply and afford them, because as mentioned above, you can do a lot more damage using your money to heal 300 health a day than you can using weapons to fight.

Aceas Day 1,211, 19:00

Good Article, but you said each fight only gives you one experience point. Thats not always true.

The Pony Express Day 1,213, 08:16

Comment deleted

Bradley Reala
Bradley Reala Day 1,213, 12:14

"Good Article, but you said each fight only gives you one experience point. Thats not always true."

For the purposes of this article each "fight" corresponds to one click on the "fight" button. A "kill" means that you've defeated your enemy and your influence counts for the battle. A "kill" can require anywhere from 1 to 4 fights, and will give a corresponding amount of exp.

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