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BLP Poll

Day 1,864, 03:12 Published in Belgium Belgium by Jensieee

Dear readers, party members, comrades

I have made a small poll about the BLP, to know how people think about it.

Please be so kind to fill it in (and be honest!)


Jens Leupe
Founder and current PP of the BLP


Raskol the Malicious
Raskol the Malicious Day 1,864, 03:33

your link doesn't work

Jensieee Day 1,864, 03:59

It doesn't? I'll check it.

Jensieee Day 1,864, 04:00

And now?

Raskol the Malicious
Raskol the Malicious Day 1,864, 04:02

it works

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Day 1,864, 04:03

good luck

Raskol the Malicious
Raskol the Malicious Day 1,864, 04:07

The way you are asking your questions is really confusing. I cannot even answer. You can create a real poll with Google you know ? And the answers will be directly classified

Jensieee Day 1,864, 04:11

It was just a try-out 🙂
Feel free to give some hints 😃

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,864, 04:45

It sucks..... make a new one place the quetions ingame

Jensieee Day 1,864, 05:38

Ok, I'll try.

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