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BLACK HAND anniversary & recruitment

Day 1,634, 14:29 Published in Russia Serbia by nikol000

Dear friends!
I am proud to inform you that BLACK HAND will be celebrating one year of existance.

Time has passed quickly. A year ago, there were only 4 guys ( Don Luchiano, Frank Costello, Hurper and MicaZmaj ) looking for some fun.

Begining was hard for us. We started off in eIran. Unit leader's account was stolen along with Q5 weapons company, leaving us with no companies to work with. Luckily, we have met some great men, such as Mehrdad-h and crueldestiny, who have helped us alot. We can't forget Desert Lions and SERAFIMI MUs. BLACK HAND will never forget you, friends! o7

Today, we are an elite mobile paramilitary unit. BLACK HAND doesn't have 500 members and we can't hit 100M dmg in one battle, but our organization, mobility and team spirit makes us an elite unit in our class. We have proven that many times ( Argentina knows best 😛 ).

We are currently stationed on eNew Zealand, having fun with our brother-unit Srpski Korpus, protecting this beatuful country.

Everyone who becomes a part of the group quickly realizes that BLACK HAND IS MORE THAN A UNIT... You fight for the team. You share everything you have with the team. You give up your medals and spend your last bazookas in a village somewhere in South America beacuse the team is having fun helping someone. Your stomach hurts from laughing on IRC. You fall in love with the spirit...

I am proud to be a part of this...

On May 15th, we will organize a big supply for our friends. ( 7k tanks & 100k wellnes )
I would like to invite you to to join us on our channel #black_hand (@Rizon) and fight with us. It will be a day to remember, we promise you!

Honor us with your presence and make this special day for us even more special.

We are expecting you.. 🙂

On behalf of my unit, I would also like to announce we are recruiting 10 new members.

Our conditions are:

-Be active on IRC ( #black_hand @Rizon)
-Working in our company
-Wearing our avatar
- 5000+ strength

We offer:

- Q6 tanks (12 per day)
- Some new "missions"
- Faster development
- Support
- Help

Apply HERE, and join us on our channel. Become a part of a great team!

If you have any question, PM me HERE.

Our avatar:

Help us make our anniversary better by shouting this article.

BLACK HAND anniversary&recruitment


Thank you.


Black Hand HQ
Black Hand HQ Day 1,634, 14:34

\o/ BLACK HAND \o/


chugaystyr Day 1,634, 15:01

Vote + Sub
When i will reach 5K i write to you )))

The Other One
The Other One Day 1,634, 15:21


vgc2 Day 1,634, 20:37

пиши по русски

Luis Mendez de Haro
Luis Mendez de Haro Day 1,635, 00:12

True Black Hand!

Fiery Hand
Fiery Hand Day 1,635, 06:36


DE march
DE march Day 1,635, 11:29

May be, one day ill try to join you, hope at least.
But not now(

Don Luchiano
Don Luchiano Day 1,637, 07:32

Black Hand!
Черная Рука!

Спасибо за поддержку!


DrMr Lazzy Ass o7
DrMr Lazzy Ass o7 Day 1,637, 07:36

\o/ BLACK HAND \o/


Black Hand!
Черная Рука!

Спасибо за поддержку!


Kaleee Day 1,637, 07:36


Fajter FX
Fajter FX Day 2,179, 01:27


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