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What is Black Friday?
Black Friday or Black Friday or the Friday auction in the US is the day after Thanksgiving, which is practically the last Friday of November and is the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.
In fact, Black Friday is not a day off, but most companies allow their employees to take the day off and buy New Year's Eve.
 For years, this day has been the busiest day for salespeople.
Although North America is the main venue for this tradition, but like many other traditions in the region, this tradition has spread to other countries.
 This day is so important that stores start operating just before 5am and people rush to the store at the same time and have to buy before nightfall.
As online shopping came to a close, online stores also attended the Black Friday event.
Long queue competition is the same phenomenon in all countries of the world.
As people come to the movies for several hours already, for Black Friday, this is much more pronounced for Black Friday.

Violence and Crime on Black Friday
Violence, crime and clashes on Black Friday are one of the reasons police have named this day as rooted in the day's killings and clashes in various stores.

In 2010, there were 10 dead and 111 injured as a result of customer engagements at the Wal-Mart chain store.

The worst black Friday is in 2008, when a Wal-Mart store watchman (195-centimeter-high, 122-kilogram weight) died under the attack of more than 2,000 people of suffocation and a pregnant woman was seriously injured after .
In 2009, police broke into the Wal-Mart store because of violence.
In 2010, the rush of people at 5am did not provide an emergency exit for store employees.
In 2011, a woman at a Wal-Mart shop sprinkled pepper spray to buy a Wi-Fi device.
In 2012, two people shot at each other outside the Wal-Mart store because of a fight over for parking car.
In 2013, police fired at a shop thief.
In 2016, three people were shot in the cities of Tennessee, New Jersey and Nevada, one of which died.
In 2017, five Alabama residents were injured during the clash, and city police closed the Berluscus store that day.
Crime on Black Friday does not just end with murder and clashes, but high-priced crime is another of the crimes that various department stores commit.

According to research, 14% of the products sold on this day are priced on a regular basis, and 17% of Black Friday sales are even higher than they are today.

Philosophy of Friday auction
The main philosophy of Friday auction is discount on all goods. A discount that encourages customers to meet their low-cost needs ahead of New Year's Eve and empty storefronts with less profit margins. Discounted commodities are actually one of the catalysts for Friday's auction and attract many people. These are generally very attractive products on the market, such as smart phones, large televisions, the latest generation of cameras or the latest and most expensive apparel, with incredible discounts of up to 70% below their original price.

Friday auction in online stores
With the onset of the online store on Black Friday 2005, a new style of auction was recorded. The profits from online sales are growing year on year. In 2013, profits from this day's sales were 18% higher than the year before and The profit reached $ 1.73 billion. In 2014, it was up 17% year over year, breaking the $ 2 billion mark. And in 2017, it was able to break the record for Internet sales in the United States, selling 16% higher than in 2016, reaching $ 6.59 billion.
The real winner of the auction was none other than Amazon CEO Jeff Bizos, who made $ 99.6 billion in his day's sales, and was named the richest person in the world.

Black Friday in eRepublik

Although the eRepublik team is trying to empty accounts every day, but on this particular day it offers special discounts annually to make the players for more fun.
Now let's look at the discounts provided by the eRepublik team in the past years.

2009 - 2The anniversary of eRepublik

Administrator's generosity was just a food Q5 (there was just plato and pejmaan at those time)

2010 - 3th anniversary of eRepublik

have 3 guns and 3 tickets in your inventory
defeat 33 enemies in 33 hours
send 3 weapons to 3 friends in 3 hours

33 strenght
333 rank points

have 9 food in your inventory
eat 3 food everyday for 3 days
send 3 food to 3 friends in 3 hours

33 experience points
33 health

work for 3 days in a row
train for 3 days in a row
defeat 3 enemies in 3 days

33 strenght
33 skill

2011 - 4th anniversary of eRepublik

For the first time , the training grounds were upgraded to four, and you could earn 40 strenghts a day (this year Geneti added to Plato and Pejmaaan)

train for 4 different days
train using 2 different training grounds

16 strenght

join a military unit that fits you
complete your daily orders for 4 different days

4 energy bar
4 bazooka

defeat 444opponents

44 strenght
4444rank points

work for 5 days in arow
train for 5 days in a row

18 experience points
18 strenght

get a hard worker achievement

44 experience point
4 gold

defeat 44 opponents
fight in two different battle of the same campaign

24 strenght
4 bazooka

Black Friday first discount

This year the Top fighter Medal was added to the game. The medal you need to be in the top 100 in the world for the top fighters in 30 days to damage the most.

2012 - 5th Anniversary of eRepublik

These discounts were for the start of the anniversary, which lasted for 5 days.

daily rewards

Black Friday Discount

2013 - 6th anniversary of eRepublik

daily rewards

By opening your email you will receive these prizes.

Black Friday discount

2014 - 7th Anniversary of eRepublik

daily rewards

By opening your email you will receive these prizes.

And at the weekend, the top guys were awarded awards.

black friday discount

2015 - 8th anniversary of eRepublik

This year things have changed so that the awards are no longer the number of years gone. The whole event was just one day, all wars was epic on this day, and the award of the Battle hero Medal was x8 .

Power packs were added to the game at the time to increase competition for the medal. By buying the smallest package you get a decoration. That if you look at some friends' profile you can see them. And you get the biggest pack of 20 recoveries in 6 minutes by purchasing (PowerPack hasn't come yet)

On Black Friday we only had a discount on the training ground, factory, and gold packs.

2016 - 9The anniversary of eRepublik

In the previous article you were somewhat familiar with this part.

By opening your email you will receive these prizes.

Air Warfare was added to the game this year, but I don't remember giving it the first Air Warfare test ?? Or it had previously tested the air war and was permanently added to the game on the anniversary.

But unlike last year when we didn't have a charming Black Friday, this time it exploded like a bomb and everything was . Especially 90% off 50 and 100 energy centers.

2017 - 10The anniversary of eRepublik

2018 - 11th Anniversary of eRepublik

I explained these two years in a previous article what awards were given during the anniversary.
Black Friday in these two years like 2016, which was the ninth anniversary of eRepublik. It had all been discounted and there was only one difference that factory discounts had dropped to 44%. (I'm worry this might even be up to 30% this year)

on Most of the photos you can see what is going to happen and what the discounts are.
But we can never guess what an administrator's thoughts are and may disrupt all our calculations.
(Do not be surprised even if it does not discount)

#Aerial training ground

Air warfare has been in play for many years, and there are speculations every year that these options are about to come. I would advise to friends who fight in air , if you have the gold to update their training ground before they build the factory, then bould the factory with the remaining gold.
Of course, this is just a guess, and whether the training ground will be added to the game depends on the admin, but be prepared.

#Food and weapon factories

What factory to build depends on you. And you have to decide which factory can help you to the most incoming, but in general there are two categories of players in this game: fighters and economical.


FIRST: A bunch of fighters have high farms (whether on land or air) and store a lot of gold in their account. For the ground fighters, what they need most is a quality 7 weapon that costs them a lot if they want to buy from the market and is very cost effective to produce. For air fighters like ground fighters, they can make a good profit by building this company so that if you have 4 weapon factory Q7 you can make 10 gold a day with that profit and the weapon Q7 is always in demand and sold in the market.

SECOND : The fighters that are growing and at this time do not have much gold. They can build a food factory to provide the least cost for their energy consumption. But be aware that the food factory will eventually upgrade to quality 3 because the gold you spend is not at all cost effective and even difficult to sell because its price varies widely with energy.

Note: If you have 3 food factoriesQ3, is better than 1 food factory Q7. (You can also build a few Q1 factories instead of a Q3 food factory, but because you want to get more rank up speed you will lose your energy and this is not recommended for fighters)


Those who don't play much but want to spend their energy on an economic account that earns a fortune a day selling their products.
FIRST: Those who have a lot of gold can build weapon factory Q7 because they are always profitable, and if they want to build a food factory, they should to build many factories that are ultimately quality 3 because they have more sale and faster sales.
second : those with a low amount of gold try to have several food factories Q1

#Raw material factories

For economists, the priority is to build raw material factories 35-gold or 8500cc raw material and that has more production, which is more profitable.
And it is advisable for fighters not to waste their energy by making raw materials, but if you like to build a 35-gold factory.

#house Factory and House Raw Materials

In these factories you can only produce with the worker, and the fluctuation of the foreign exchange market and wages is effective in the amount of your profits.
Also, investing in this area will not benefit you by building a few factories and you may even lose. I recommend not getting into this area and not investing if have not Very large capital.

#aircraft weapon and raw material

This is only speculation, but when it comes to air warfare, admins may offer updates to these factories. Also, although the factories are in the game now, they have not been used and even production has been at a disadvantage.  I think admins would probably provide some updates to enable this part of the game. In general, I can't explain much about this.

#Energy centers
These two energy centers are permanent and highly recommended if you can buy.

I hope I have been able to help you make a better decision.

best regards
MOE of iran: vahid ki4ni