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Bio challenge closed, Congrats Exmongum

Day 1,901, 07:37 Published in Canada Canada by Corrigan Brown

Congratulations Exmongum

you have won, 40q7 tanks have been transfered to your account.

Seems like a pretty cool guy, go subscribe to his paper.

Thanks to all who wrote a bio, it was truly interesting to read.

catch you all later



chewytaz Day 1,901, 11:20

congratz Exmongum!

VastlyFrozen Day 1,901, 11:48

congratz Exmongum! x2

Hyuuz Day 1,901, 16:11

congratz Exmongum! x3

Exmongum Day 1,901, 16:32

Thank-you everyone.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,902, 18:01


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