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Day 1,779, 17:04 Published in Belgium Belgium by Kylero


Let me level with you all...

What are we doing as a nation? What is our leadership doing? Why do we keep electing the same type of people as CP and expect anything different.

Okay, let me backtrack a tad.

When I became an eBelgian, almost THREE YEARS AGO, our number one mission was to include everyone (except for PTOs) and to help younger players. So every election, the CP always says, "Help younger players/Give new players advice/Buy new players hookers...". Well maybe not the last one (not officially anyways). AND STILL, THAT'S WHAT WE SEE!

NLSP says that he will improve our country by helping new players. Let me tell you all something, WHO CARES ANYMOAR? We haven't grown, we haven't become a global superpower, and we don't own the world's gold reserves because we failed to get new players involved! New players shmew players. If anywhere in the eWorld, eBelgium is where they can pretty much become a superstar overnight by writing a SINGLE article. That's got nothing to do with our new player programs.

So...if we don't care about new players, what do we care about? Well, if you're reading this, we should care about you, THE PLAYER. Most of us have more than enough supplies and money to subsist. If you're concerned with new players, they can come to anyone and ask for anything. I ENCOURAGE ANYONE TO ASK ME FOR ANYTHING, I've got it. So for those who actually play the game, let's play it.


This is what I offer. I am tired of people like NLSP coming along and saying, "I will move us forward, more this, more that, more RULES..." Who are we kidding? This is not RL. We have enough structure and bullsh1t rules in RL. We all have parents, bosses, politicians, zionists, etc. telling us how to live and what to do. WHY WOULD WE EVER ALLOW SOME KID ON ANOTHER COMPUTER DICTATE HOW WE PLAY A GAME?

I'm done with this. If you want a change, vote for me. If you want to play the same old ego-stroking boring game...go ahead and vote for NLSP and the next guy and the next guy. SH1T, you could even vote for Shadowukcs, just do something different god damnit!



Kylero Day 1,779, 17:07


Jeiry Day 1,780, 01:13

Nice program, sounds fun. = )
Good luck Kylero.

Cooke4444 Day 1,780, 03:44

Yes, you can vote for Shadow, why not do it?

boer jan
boer jan Day 1,780, 08:16

good luck,
and here is an other one of Albert Einstein:
“What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right.”

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,780, 08:25

Voted. Yes, you can vote for Shadow, JUST DO IT!

lin0leum Day 1,780, 10:31

but let's vote for shadow this time, we can't divide our effort, we have to drive the paras gang out of the trough.

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