Better communication with the team

Day 429, 03:31 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

One of our priorities for this year includes improving the communication between the eRepublik Team and the community.

For this purpose, we have implemented a new forum category named “Administration” and created inside it the “Open letters” board. The official channel to communicate with the eRepublik team remains the contact form, however, the new forum board is open for public messages addressed to the eRepublik staff. Articles that are considered to be “open letters” addressed to the team, will be moved in the forum board and later these articles will be deleted in order to continue the conversation with the team in one place and not to have duplicate content.

As imagination is the only limit for changing the future, we invite you to post in the “Suggestions” board ideas concerning what you would like to see implemented in the New World.

Remember to keep an eye on the “Updates” board. New features and improvements will be announced and debated in this area.

Furthermore, only the official channel (“Contact us”) will be used for requesting support from the eRepublik Team. This way, the newspaper articles and the forum threads will be more efficient in reaching their goal: to be a tool used by the eRepublik citizens to communicate and organize better.

The team will continue debugging

The communication improvements that were implemented today are planned since one month ago and will help our community department gain easier your feedback regarding the events in the New World. The engineers will still focus on debugging in the next period of time. Today, their main task is to fix the avatar issues and the articles that get a 500 error.

The new 10 eRepublik laws

To better moderate citizens events and actions, it has become clear to everyone that the old laws need some proper adjustments. As a result, we would like to communicate some of the revisions going forward.

One of the changes in the new set of rules is that citizens will not be allowed to accuse each other without posting relevant proof. This is a first step toward a Judicial System (administrated by citizens) that we would like to have in eRepublik.

No public multi-account accusations are allowed. Candidates throwing free charges against one another during the course of an electoral campaign should also be avoided. Reports of such cases are to be made only using the contact form.

In parallel, a new penalty system based on forfeit points (FP) has been implemented. For every break of the law a warning (0,5 FP), a temporary ban (FP equal to the number of banned days) or a permanent ban will be applied taking into consideration the severity and the frequency. A permanent ban will also be applied if a total of five or more forfeit points are received. Every forfeit point is deleted two months after it was applied.

The new version of the 10 eRepublik Citizen Laws will also be applied to the organization accounts, until the specific entity laws are developed.

Thank you for your support,
The eRepublik Team