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Belgian Monarchist Party Overview

Day 1,836, 03:42 Published in Belgium Austria by Kaad

Let me talk a little bit about my party! The BMP is small, 5 players, and only two actives. Ranked 9th, the BMP has not a great importance in eBelgium live. Are you sure? We will see!

First of all, the meaning of the name:
-Belgian: proud to represent Belgium, the BMP wants to act for his nation first, give a good image and respect. BMP members are proud to be Belgians.
-Monarchist: we beleive that the best form of governement is a monarchy, but it can only be in place if there's someone very active and very good in political functions;we need first to find this legend.
-Party: monarchy is just an idea in the middle of planty others. We are a party, it means that we share opinions that could be the one of every citizen.

The BMP is for the second time under my presidence. tremaya is the second of the party. The president rule the party, update the wiki, is doing diplomacy with other party.

-Every one will think: we want to introduce a monarchy. It is true, but for different reasons (and more, one that I spoke about some lines before) it is not our priority for the moment.
-Some people could consider us as left party, because we want a strong governement, able to supply the different programs (BTA, BNA, daily pack,...). We need to look for a solution now because the situation urge!
-The BMP is right party, because we support a Belgian Econnomy free and INDEPENDANT. We want as much as possible produce and consume inside. Our gouvernemental programs already help our economy, because the gouvernement buy supplies produced by belgians for our fighter.
-The internationnal relations are the most important things for the country! We try to be in good relations with everyone as they are not against our alliance. Belgium is now a full, member of CoT, its a very good thing and the party is proud about that and want to keep it at any price. We need to communicate a lot with other CoT members. And we need to be strong in our positions. The world is facing a big movement of war and we need to keep the peace in Wallonia, Brussels and Flanders!
-Belgium is lucky: we have a good forum,a good community, and the party wants to make all that survive!
-Last thing, we consider us as close to some party: Res Belgica defend some right ideas as us, ATO wants as us to save citizen help by the governement, BFB and the OM party want a strong Belgium, unitzed and independant, and it's our best wish!

Proud to be ambassador in France,
Proud to be BMP president
Proud to be Belgian
Proud to be a CoT citizen



Kaad Day 1,836, 03:42

Hail Belgium,
Hail CoT,
Hail BMP!

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,836, 05:01

Nice presentation !

Andreica1989 Day 1,836, 05:20

Hail Friends!
Hail CoT!

Kaad Day 1,836, 07:14

Friends..... 😉

Jeiry Day 1,836, 12:41

Any active party is a nice thing ! Go on that way...

NLSP Day 1,837, 02:04

Nice to see this presentation,
I hope that your party may grow!

lin0leum Day 1,837, 02:46

i hope rather not

Kaad Day 1,837, 04:17

HOPE... a so opposed party...

Ely.nea Day 1,838, 00:22


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