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Be Proud Canada. Stand Tall and Be Proud.

Day 1,888, 23:16 Published in Canada Canada by stpolar


Today we can all stand proud as a community of players in Canada. Because a small nation of 1,400 players was able to shame the blistering arrogance of the United Kingdom but on top of that we caught the full attention of one of the largest alliance in the New World - TWO.

A nation of 1,400 players did that.

Led by our psychotic leader, he led the Canadian people to boldly go deep into UK territory that it seemed as though we gave the UK a sore red pee pee.

Did you enjoy having a red pee pee?

We won battle after battle after battle. We with our allies won Wales, we won West Midlands, we won Scotland, we won Vestlandet, and most importantly we won Sorlandet. We won these battles with but most importantly we won them for our allies and our friends.


The current war all started when the British President Big Ant, along with his administration sought to get the United Kingdom in a war. Their justification for starting a war? Well is because their missiles were going to expire. So typical of the UK current administration's actions they decided that they would get themselves in an "easy" war. And decided that they would attack a nation that is 1/10th of their size expecting to wipe them out in a day by taking over Norway's main province of Sorlandet.

It has to be reiterated that the UK attacked a country 1/10th of it's size.

So the United Kingdom decided with all her might to bully Norway into absolute annihilation in an "easy" war. (See how cocky they were here) That is when Big Ant pushed the button to start a war on the unsuspecting population of Norway.

But as Canadians we could not let this to happen. Especially because Norway has a bromantic relationship with the Asgard Alliance. And any bromace Asgard has is now our bromance too. But also taking our history of war against the UK we just enjoy punching them in the face at any opportune moment we can get.

Canada now has a growing bromance with Norway.

UK wanted an easy war.

We decided to give them one, BUT it definitely was not going to be an easy one, not for them at least.


War broke out. The Netherlands disgusted by the aggression on her neighbor by the British red coats also decided enough was enough declared war on the UK. Now that the playing field had been leveled it was pretty obvious the current UK leadership was totally unprepared or unable to deal with an adversary/ies that equal her strength. Their biggest excuse being perpetuated in the UK now is that three countries a beating up on poor old UK.

Let's look at the belligerents numbers again shall we?

UK Numbers

Numbers of the Awesome Team

Considering that the UK has more MPPs that we Canadians (the biggest country in on the opposite side) do, I'd say it's pretty balanced.

And even when you consider reading the link I provided earlier of BA's war announcement, the Brits were pretty confident on wiping out Norway in just a day or two the most. After which they would focus on "destroying" Canada. That's funny.

What's so funny stpolar? You might ask.

I guess I just jizzed a bit after seeing this

Well simply because our ragtag team of small nations with the help of the Asgard and EDEN alliance members was able to shame the UK completely. Canada kicked the UK in the balls giving her the red pee pee.

British folks in Wales and W. Midlands waking up for tea were a bit surprised.

Then Netherlands slapped her in the head by taking Vestlandet. Now the Pièce de résistance. Not only did Norway (population 302 remember?)survive the British onslaught on Sorlandet but they got back up and punched UK in the mouth and took Scotland. They took Scotland!

Yes take it in UK. Take it in slowly. Norway... Took... Scotland!!!


After days of slapping the UK around. TWO finally got serious.

How many nations does it take to stop Canada (World Rank #35)?

TWO thinks it takes a war with the UK (#28) an NE from Spain (#4), and CoTD from Serbia (#3), Poland (#5), and Hungary (#17).

Well clearly that's not enough. Again the TWO alliance is totally underestimating Canada and her Allies. I really think they have also totally underestimated sadistic tendencies of Canadian President Rylde. He called for Canada to Reform the line.

And his Current standing orders is for all Canadians is, "When Spain attacks. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT go all out fighting the first battle. We have something special planned for Spain."


Today be calm Canada. Just go about what you normally do.

Although soon all hell is about the break lose. Be prepared. If we are going to win this one we are going to have to give it our all. Be prepared to give it your all:

- Shout out Battle Orders
- Write About the War Effort (Propaganda)
- Volunteer to Supply & Get Supplies (
- Donate
- Most Importantly - Mobilize and Fight

TWO messed with the Wrong Country

GOAL I: Help Save Norway - achieved
GOAL II: Attack the UK and drain damage- achieved
GOAL III: Help Liberate Portugal and Shame Spain - in process

Hail Asgard!
Hail EDEN!
Hail Netherlands!
Hail Norway!
Hail Canada!


UK sucks and we punched them in the face. UK went to its big brothers, and Spain is at our doorstep and we'll punch them in the face too.


stpolar Day 1,888, 23:32

Canada likes punching nations in the face.

T.E. Lwrence
T.E. Lwrence Day 1,888, 00:47

Muad'dib will lead us to victory!


Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,888, 02:14


Professor Evil
Professor Evil Day 1,888, 04:02

That red pee pee was a minor infection, nothing more! 😃

Fair enough, you gave us a proper run for our money. But you fall short of our British might

Professor Evil
Professor Evil Day 1,888, 04:03

Voted though, this gave me a chuckle

Rylde Day 1,888, 04:32

I chuckled at British Might myself. I'm a wartime preseident. Bigant had to go asking for support after he over reached. Was a good brawl and you'll chase us outta UK.

Shows only getting started though.

Time to move onto Act II.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,888, 04:40


Fortune favors the bold!

Ralph Kline
Ralph Kline Day 1,888, 04:45

Fortune favors the bold!

Cmurgh Day 1,888, 04:51

Nice read : )

JeguljaM Day 1,888, 05:01

Great article bro!

/proud ex canadian

Harald von Uleaborgir
Harald von Uleaborgir Day 1,888, 05:03

Hail Asgard and its allies!

Anotherlamedrunk Day 1,888, 05:09

Lol, great article

Guagature Day 1,888, 05:29

UK sucks and we punched them in the face. UK went to its big brothers, and Spain is at our doorstep and we'll punch them in the face too.

That about sums it up \o/

Shibitah Day 1,888, 06:28

Let's enjoy the ride ^.^

CptKaydee Day 1,888, 06:33

Hail Asgard!
Hail EDEN!
Hail Netherlands!
Hail Norway!
Hail Canada!

Doomier Day 1,888, 06:57

Amazing Norway. I didn't know they had so few players!!

TheBurningMan Day 1,888, 07:02

Good stuff, lets keep this up!

mcchickenburger6 Day 1,888, 07:03

can't wait o7

Rusakk Day 1,888, 07:09

votado. I cannot wait for the big surprise!! Army of believers???

William Steele
William Steele Day 1,888, 07:09

Great summary!

John Greywolf
John Greywolf Day 1,888, 07:36

great work

klop123 Day 1,888, 07:52


Rona1d Day 1,888, 08:06

XDDDD Rusakk +1 we are still waiting that army who defeated UK in Wales and East Midlands 🙂

Unum Day 1,888, 08:41

Yup, red penetration can be painful.

Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Day 1,888, 08:42

good stuff o7

TheSmoke Day 1,888, 08:47

Give em hell, good article!

Alphabethis Day 1,888, 08:54

your gonna to get wiped, Canada, get ready.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,888, 09:06

Wow, where to start. Firstly your Government contacted ours last month to arrange a TW so they could get Scotland and access to attack....NORWAY!!!! HAIL BROTHERHOOD!!!

Then as for being a shinning light perhaps we should ask Portugal about how you have arranged to help them obtain a region from Spain and...oh didn't. HAIL BROTHERHOOD!!!

As for the eUK attacking against the odds, well we've seen Canada happily join in on ''gangbangs'' against the eUK, sadly one-on-one you don't fair too well despite having a superior Div4. Lets also not forget the French focusing on the attack on the eUK and other pro-Eden countries.

Face facts again Rylde has lead you into another war with a timezone advantage and you lost. It happens.

ElvenCRO Day 1,888, 09:08

good job Canada! o7

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,888, 09:08

And Rylde - ''I chuckled at British Might myself. I'm a wartime preseident. Bigant had to go asking for support after he over reached. Was a good brawl and you'll chase us outta UK.''

Didnt your last article say you were talking with allies about helping you...wouldnt that make you a hypocrite after you have mocked us for asking for help?

klop123 Day 1,888, 09:10

@Dr. Hugh

That was last month.... so cool? ^__^

Portugal still loves us XD

Same excuse, nothing new from you guys ; )

Plugson Day 1,888, 09:38

And stpolar told me last week that he wasn't a 'wordsmith'

Good to see he has proven himself wrong.

Gotta say this is one of the more interesting times to be playing this game in a while.

Fabrice Axe
Fabrice Axe Day 1,888, 09:40


Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,888, 09:46

Weak !

LongShotzZ Day 1,888, 09:47

I like the way that all of these attacks had happened whilst the Brits were ASLEEP and when we woke up the next day we took back most of the regions and we are still winning more now, so up yours Canada!
Face us head on you cowards!

Plugson Day 1,888, 09:58

geez people, would you call thought-out set of moves to take a piece in chess an act of cowardice?

A game requires a certain amount of 'using the advantage to one's benefit' if you want to call it strategy. Same thing for 'bravery''s really just 'cleverness' or a risky strategy with possibly big payoffs (if the payoffs are small compared to the large risks, then the plan borders on stupidity)

eCanada has a rather good chess player putting together our plans, and just because he's using a lot of 'bravery, blood, & honour' in his articles, don't be fooled into thinking the game is about some kind of chivalric code.

A smaller set of nations is going to give a greater set of allies a good run for their money. eCanada is going to have to be clever and a bit ballsy, but don't mistake a good move for cowardice, LongShotzZ

WayneKerr Day 1,888, 10:05

Personally Canada, I've enjoyed the to'ing and fro'ing, pointless war is indeed pointless. Yet it can still provide that little top up of enjoyment we need to keep us logging into this damn game.
Until next time Canaderp o7

Orinocco Day 1,888, 10:12

As we have back our regions we are also taking some of Norways and you are now losing some of yours. be proud Canada as act II to is about to start but we will be writing this one.

Orinocco Day 1,888, 10:13

Oh yeah by the way, BigAnt is a retard and doesnt represent all the citizens of the UK.

Plugson Day 1,888, 10:14

WaynerKerr has the right attitude. 'twill be fun finding reason to play a game that often lacks reason

joao97 Day 1,888, 10:22


Hail Canada
Hail Asgard

Fail TWO

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,888, 10:26

BA has been saved by the 2/3rds rule for impeachment three times now : /

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,888, 10:30


ErickLeRouge Day 1,888, 10:36

Very nice article. With very good information. I like that

potato134 Day 1,888, 10:41

die Canada.

Hale26 Day 1,888, 10:50


Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 1,888, 10:59

yeaaahaaaaa awesome article VOTED!

Suomii Day 1,888, 11:36

You have an alliance now Canada,we will always fight for you,we are small countries but we are loyal to each others!


Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Day 1,888, 11:41

Hail Asgard!
Hail EDEN!
Hail Netherlands!
Hail Norway!
Hail Canada!

rey jorge1
rey jorge1 Day 1,888, 12:02



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