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Day 1,913, 08:11 Published in New Zealand Serbia by EternalLightStream

Be positive everyday in our life (and elife) , this is ten advices that will be really useful as your daily reminder to have positive thinking and attitudes, check this out :

1.) I am fighting hard for the things I want most
The longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives.
Most great things don't come easy, but they are worth waiting for and fighting for.

2.) I am taking action now
Many great things can be done in a day if you don't always make that day tomorrow.

3.) I am focusing on the next positive step
The future holds nothing but endless potential.
There are far,far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

4.) I am proud to wear my truth
How you see yourself means everything.
To be beautiful means to live confidently in your own skin.

5.) I have a lot to smile about
Happiness is not a result of getting something you don't have, but rather recognizing and appreciating what you do have.

6.) I am making the best of it
Everythings you go through grows you.
Amazing things can and do happen when you least expect them.

7.) I am letting go of yesterday's stress
Leave behind the rest, the drama and the worries. Lay this day to rest.
Tomorrow is about hope, new possibilities and the opportunity to make a better day.

8.) There is enough time today to do something I love
You will find happiness in doing the things you love to do.

9.) I am priceless in someone's eyes
Focus on those who love and accept you for who you are, and shower them with the love and kindness they deserve.
Cherish the people who saw you when you are invisible to everyone else.

10.) It's not too late
No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter you've come from, you can always change and become a better version of yourself.



EternalLightStream Day 1,913, 08:15

Positive Kiwis=Successful Kiwis

Crusadercarl Day 1,913, 08:31

Thank God for number 10:D

Tabithi Day 1,913, 09:29

Don't think that can happen in your case CC 😛

Luxia Borgia
Luxia Borgia Day 1,913, 13:51

beautiful, voted

Tijana R
Tijana R Day 1,914, 12:03

votado bro!!!

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