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Battle of Al-Jawf

Day 1,865, 07:55 Published in Israel Israel by Yigal Ha Kohen

Following the failure to create Buffer State in Al-Jawf, partly due to Foreign Espionage and lack of communication on the Israeli side, the Serbian Forces have changed direction, turning their forces on the Territory of Al-Jawf.

At current, the territory is home to the Israeli Government in Exile which caught many an Israeli off Guard as why the Government would flee out of Israel Proper, when Haifa, Beer Sheva and the Northern Nazareth Districts were still free at the time. Currently, the Haifa and Northern Districts are still free.

The IDF continues to utilize resources to slow the assault of the Serb Army.
A Political Commentator commented that hopefully Serbia will decide to use the Southern Route to get to Turkey instead of destroying Israel's Sovereignty completely and having to rely on a long, drawn out Resistance War that would be highly unsuccessful without a Pragmatic, Substantial and Effective Alliance System.

Al-Jawf which had become a seeming haven for refugees is now becoming torn in chaos. Many are fleeing with what they have for the Northern Borders, and from there, some have traveled back into Israel.

Time will tell what the Serbs have in store for the rest of Israel.

Yigal of The Haifa Tomer Times

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