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Basic Information/Steps For New Comers

Day 1,786, 11:37 Published in Pakistan Hungary by Kismat

Dear New Members!
I am trying to give my best to guide you people with the basic things to get started. In the beginning you have to focus on 4 things to get growing quickly.
Like the Real Life we have to manage our energy for work, Money to manage economy, Gold to Purchase valuable things, We have to run companies to manage weapon food and many more things. But the Basic Need are.


Q) So why would we need them?
A) To complete necessary requirements. Like
1)Daily Task
Daily tasks are simple reminders of what a player should do everyday to maintain activity. They consist from two main activities: working at your company and training on the training grounds. If you complete your daily tasks, you will get a reward of one strength and one experience point each day these tasks are completed.

Now Below you can see in picture the basic Page of Erepublik and Important things marked.

Well its my first try hope to get the response will come back again for more.



Mohammad Bilal
Mohammad Bilal Day 1,786, 11:39

First VOTED!

Abuzar Aslam5
Abuzar Aslam5 Day 1,786, 20:13


roseflower1786 Day 1,786, 21:55

Good Guide Lines.Thanks!

Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 1,787, 10:12

Hail Kismat : p

IceQueen9527 Day 1,788, 03:23

Sorry to change the topic...but perhaps someone could tell me how to apple for a job?? 😒

IceQueen9527 Day 1,788, 03:24

Sorry to change the topic....but perhaps someone could tell me how to get a job?? 😒

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