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Bang for your Buck

Day 1,742, 10:31 Published in Canada Poland by TheSmoke

Recently I have created an excel chart so I could quickly calculate the most cost effective weapons on the market. I find it quite helpful and easy to use.

First find out the the total damage a weapon does;
Q1: 1 use x 20 Dmg. = 20 @ 1.94 = 10.31 Dmg/$
Q2: 2 use x 40 Dmg. = 80 @ 2.58 = 31.01 Dmg/$
Q3: 3 use x 60 Dmg. = 180 @ 5.50 = 32.73 Dmg/$
Q4: 4 use x 80 Dmg. = 320 @ 12.60 = 25.40 Dmg/$
Q5: 5 use x 100 Dmg. = 500 @ 17.00 = 29.41 Dmg/$
Q6: 6 use x 120 Dmg. = 720 @ 23.35 = 30.84 Dmg/$
Q7: 10 use x 200 Dmg. = 2000 @ 53.00 = 37.74 Dmg/$

These prices are calculated by the average 3 lowest prices for each weapon on the Canadian market only. I believe my calculations are accurate, though if I have made a mistake I would appreciate any feedback. A key thing to remember when buying weapons, is that the more damage it does, the less damage you will take, so there is an added benefit from buying better weapons.

Some may also suggest buying products from foreign markets for lower prices, and that is true, but I am happy to see my Canadian money going into my fellow country men and women's hands.

I hope this concept will help some people out there, as these are getting to be tough times, the smarter we play, the more efficient Canada can become. Good luck on the battlefield Soldiers. o7



Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 1,742, 10:39


chriswen Day 1,742, 10:53

Are you sure?

TheSmoke Day 1,742, 11:01

Sure on what?

Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Day 1,742, 12:30

This is a great and helpful tool


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,742, 17:33

Actually Dmg is firepower which adds 20% influence, so using a Q1 weapon produces 120% damage output, Q2 produces 140%, etc.

Chochi Day 1,743, 07:47

Yep, Mary's got it right:

TheSmoke Day 1,743, 13:09

Ahh, thank you very much Mary, and master referencer/sensei Chochi! Though does the basis of my formula still work, Cost per Damage/Influence?

Dr. James McCrimmon
Dr. James McCrimmon Day 1,743, 20:05

SImply add 100 to your original bit of Dmg there and then solve.

So Q1 would be

1 use x 120 Dmg = 120 @ 1.94 = 61.86 dmg/$

Keeping in mind that the final number represents the percentage of your nonweapon damage done per dollar. Higher is always better 😃

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