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Back into the story we go again~

Day 1,989, 12:56 Published in Japan Republic of China (Taiwan) by SakiNight
Hello peoples and subscribers of otaku requiem.

I'm going to be continuing the vampire story that is now being referred to as Angels vs. Demons...even though it's about vampires..... Anyway i'd just thought i would tell you that i finally started to write my book again. I don't know how far i'll get but it's most likely going to be posted in an article every...other week or something with just a paragraph or two at a time.

On with the story!~

Hizaku dashed through the hallways soon arriving in his father’s room. Upon entering he saw a group of enemy soldiers that were ransacking the place in search of something. Hizaku entered quickly jumping at the closest one stabbing right through the back of his armor, the man barely let out a scream. The other two turned to look as Hizaku tore his sword from the mans chest and kicked his now dead body to the ground, without even taking up a stance Hizaku jumped forward. One of the two remaining soldiers lunged at him with a stab, but Hizaku quickly parried and disarmed the man then stabbed him through his heart turning him just in time to block the final soldiers attack. Hizaku pulled his sword from the man’s chest and used his body to jump into the air over the last soldiers head. They both turned on their heels and began to clash, after only a moment he had defeated the man and sheathed his sword. He walked to a locked chest at the foot of his parents bed then using a strength that no human possess he tore it open and picked up his father’s Large Two-hand sword Excalibur, Hizaku attached the sheath to his back then sheathed the sword and began to make his way back to the gathering hall his father was in. Hizaku continued to make his way through the halls, the number of enemy soldiers continued to grow and Hizaku was avoiding engaging them in battles as he wasn't used to the weight of the sword on his back. As he got closer he began to find dead guards of the castle, the thoughts within his head began to race he wondered to himself ‘What the hell is going on? What did that man mean that it wasn’t father court anymore?’ Pushing the thoughts from his head he picked up his pace arriving at a door that would lead to the balcony overlooking the gathering hall.

(i apologize for any grammatical errors that may exist)

Also if any of you have ideas for stories that you want me to write just leave a post and we'll see about me writing something for it in coming issues.~

Be one, but separate~


Nanashi Senshi
Nanashi Senshi Day 1,990, 13:27

Voted, finally some normal article.

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