B-Labs - Top Pilots - Aircraft 1st day

Day 3,166, 07:56 Published in Romania Romania by elbandido

Plato Akbar, Howdy?
Last days facts:
- q1 missile sold for 290 cc;
- 200 gold invested for 20 q1 Aircraft Factories already recovered in 3 days;
- yesterday at some point during the day was cheaper to fight barehands with bars than buying missiles;
- Romanian Military Units have 599 active Pilots until now from 1875 active soldiers;
- 3566 soldiers were scanned from 68 Military Units;
- the most active Pilots comes from BraveHearts Romania, 101 pilots;
- DdyOlteanul will be Group Captain in ~7 days;
- because of missiles Pilot rank restriction, I've decided to create another 20 q1 Aircraft Missiles, hoping Plato will bring us some new citizens who will buy my final products 😃

Because I am from Adminlandia, I've scanned only Romania. Let's see some tables:

Romania is Adminlandia
Romania is Asteria
Asteria is Adminlandia

All Hail Adminlandia o7

Minister of Adminlandia:

Former XYZ'anything you want

Organize, dont't agonize! o7