Autumn Sales & Weekly Challenge [2023]

Day 5,782, 05:11 Published in Croatia Greece by B I T E R

Good afternoon once again to the eRepublik community.Today, (Day 5,782) we have the Autumn offers on the Shop and Gold Store (available for 3 days), as every year.

The maximum Prestige Points are 80.000. The previous year was 90.000.
The Overtime Points reduced from +500 to +355
The Fuels reduced from +100 to only +25
The Energy Bars reduced from +1662 to +1517 and Pumpkins from +788 to +478
There's no Decoration or any kind of Skin in Air or Ground at the end of WC

We understand that there is a decrease in rewards every year without any substantial upgrade to the game.

Autumn Challenge rewards
In Total:

+80 Energy Recover
+478 Pumpkins
+1000 Storage
+25 Fuels
+355 Overtime Points
+20 Q5 Moving Tickets
+3, +1 & +1 50% Damage Booster for 2, 8 & 24 Hours
+1517 Energy Bars
+1 Small bomb
+9 & +2 10%/20% Air Deploy Rank Points Booster for 10/20 minutes
+9 & +2 10%/%20 Ground Deploy Rank Points Booster for 10/20 minutes
+10& +1 100%/200% Deploy Size Booster for 10/20 minutes
+5 & +2 10%/20 Air Deploy Influence Booster for 10/20 minutes
+5 & +2 10%/20% Ground Deploy Influence Booster for 10/20 minutes
For the first time Land and Air packs are separated. This means that we will have more goods in our warehouses, but at the same time the consumption of the gold that will be needed to buy them increases.

The total number of gold needed for the Land and Air packs are 9.120 (Limited Amount: 2). From the other hand, the tonal number of gold for Energy Bars are 4.620 (Limited Amount: 100). I hope you have sufficient gold to buy them all. In my opinion, the preferable option is to buy the Energy Bars first to earn extra rewards from the Weekly Challenge and then depending on where you rank your bill.
For someone who plays with money in the game, it would be ideal to buy the War Stash (13% more Rank Points when fighting) and Combat Stash (13% more gold for every achievement) packages that give 30% more product.
With this way you will be able to quickly recover the gold you spent these days in order to use it in the next big events that are coming (winter will be long).
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