Australia and the World around her

Day 558, 20:57 Published in Australia Australia by calibur

There has been some question as to what will happen to Australia when the CP elections come around the Indonesians will either be ruled by either an Indonesian or a Romanian. This has spurred many discussions across all boards of communications and will most likely be the focus of discussion amongst politicians for quite some time, but I am not here to discuss this topic alone. I am here to discuss with you Australia and foreign relations.

For the longest time there have been thoughts that Australia is in the middle of “rebuilding” and that there is “still work to be done”. Well, I’ve been observing the current political situation and I believe this to be completely false. We are an established nation and the time for policy making is quite over, it is time for Australia to enter into the greater world. We have led lives of isolationism towards the world for several reasons. I believe that the time has come for us to stop this way of thinking and to finally say that we are more than ready to become active globally. We live in a world that is constantly changing, and should the Romanians take control of Indonesia this world will be an extremely different one. Should the Romanians take control, then the playing field will be leveled and more powers will come up around the world. I say that we, as Australians, should try our very best to ride this wave and become one of the most influential nations in the eWorld. Many of you will doubt that we could ever become that powerful, to which I say to you “Ye of little faith, know that it is through the people that countries achieve strength and power”. (Yeah, I just made up that quote) It is up to you, the citizen, to take Australia to that next step, it is up to you. The power of the people, if united and strengthened in one voice, can do anything that is imaginable.

The time has come for us to stop being under the influence of Indonesia, which in no way means to be enemies with them. We have had an interesting relationship with Indonesia to say in the least, from them being our conquerors to them becoming our friends. But, we need to stop dictating our foreign policy according to whether or not Indonesia will like it or not. If they are truly our friends then they will allow us to be what we are, a free nation. We are a free nation my fellow Australians, a sovereign nation in which we are able to make our own decisions. We must make our own foreign policy decisions, for the good of our nation. Now, this is not to say that we should hate Indonesia, they have been good friends to us and I feel that we should officially sign a non-aggression pact with them. This would allow us to go out into the world and spread our wings.

So this leaves us with one final question. And that question is what do we do if we enter the world? Do we join alliances? Do we go to war with everyone? My personal thoughts, and I hope yours as well, is that we should enter into an alliance. I feel that this alliance should consist of Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. And, should there be some sort of miracle and they get organized, the United States should enter into an alliance as well. These nations have all been unofficial friends, some of them (the UK and Canada) are famous for harboring Australians during the Indonesian occupation of Australia. This alliance would be a strong friendship which has lasted for quite some time, an alliance in which we would become active all around the world. This alliance would benefit Australia by leaps and bounds, creating for us an opportunity to become one of the most influential countries in the world.

Australia, the train of opportunity has come for our great nation. The time has come for us to step out into the world and start becoming involved with world politics. Australia, the time is now and we can’t pass up this opportunity ever again. If you feel that the time has come for us to step out into the world, vote this article up! And never forget, through thick and thin, no matter what happens. We are Australians, some of the proudest and nicest people I have ever known! Always remember!