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Ausgabe/Issue 9 - Daily News

Day 831, 04:01 Published in Austria United Kingdom by Thomas765

Ausgabe 9 - Der Bote - Sonntag - 28. Februar 2010 - Tag 831.
Issue 9 - Der Bote - Sunday - 28th February 2010 - Day 831

Hello again!

From this issue onwards the German language will be represented in italics after the English paragraph in the news section. Anyway, this will probably be the newspaper's biggest issue since its name change and country change from the USA. So we hope you will enjoy reading it. We also would like you to join in on our "Your Opinion" sections of the newspaper in this issue and in future issues. These are sections which allow you to state what you think about a particular event in Austria or the world. These could be in the form of polls or questions in which you can respond to via the comments section.

Chief Editor of the English Language of Der Bote,

No matter how much Germany tries, she just can't seem to increase the area of the country. Today the resistance force of Saxony-Anhalt were defeated by Polish forces for the 3rd time in the last three days.

However, Norwegian forces are beginning to take areas that were German territory. The north of what was Germany - the areas south of Denmark and around Hamburg - are being moved into the hands of the Norwegians.

Here is the "Your Opinion" or "Your Views" section, here you get to have a say on what you think about Austrian affairs. Here is this issue's question:

Do you think the Austrian government's decision to put a hospital in Carinthia was a right decision?

Which political party did you vote for in the recent Austrian Congressional Elections?

A. National Front Austria
B. Kronloyale Union
C. Austrian Independence Party
D. Austrian Reformist Party
E. Other
F. None

Again you can use the comments system to vote.

This is the business section of the newspaper. Here you can easily have a reference to the exchange rates and the Austrian economy. The main exchanges covered will be of the three currencies in which German is mainly spoken, so we can direct our audiences towards them.

If the amount of money you get is higher than the rec then it is not advised to exchange your currency unless it is +0.1 to +10 more than the rec. If the exchange rate is the same as the Rec then it is advised to get it. If the exchange rate is less than the rec then it is a really good idea to exchange your money for another currency.

Gold = +Currency

1 Gold = 71 ATS (More than 10 Units above the Rec)
Rec 1 Gold = 50.5 ATS
1 Gold = 52 CHF (Above the rec)
Rec 1 Gold = 43.43 CHF
1 Gold = 38.731 DEM (Above the rec)
Rec 1 Gold = 28.8 DEM

+Currency = Gold

1 ATS = 0.015 Gold (Less than Rec)
Rec 1 ATS = 0.02 Gold
1 CHF = 0.02 Gold (Same as Rec)
Rec 1 CHF = 0.02 Gold
1 DEM = 0.027 Gold (Less than Rec)
Rec 1 DEM = 0.03 Gold

Österreichischer Schilling and other currencies

1 ATS = 1.58 DEM
1 DEM = 2.43 ATS

1 ATS = 0.89 FRF
1 FRF = 2.38 ATS

1 ATS = 0.65 USD
1 USD = 2.49 ATS

There are no advertisements for this issue. If you would like to advertise your company, organisation, political party or newspaper then please click here or copy and paste the following link: find out more.

In dieser Ausgabe gibt es noch keine Werbung. Falls du hier für deine Firma, Organisation, Partei oder Zeitung werben willst dann einfach hier klicken oder den folgenen Link kopieren: mehr herauszufinden."


Kaiser Alex
Kaiser Alex Day 831, 04:27

Nice poll idea, I like it 🙂.

I for one voted N.F.A.

Thomas765 Day 831, 04:42

I couldn't vote because I wasn't a citizen at the time of the elections.

So I voted 'None'.

PrinceOfAustria Day 831, 08:14

1 ATS = 1.58 DEM
1 DEM = 2.43 ATS

thats nice so i buy 1.58 DEM for 1 ATS and sell 1.58 for 3.83?
lets all do this shall we? (:

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