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AusDoD - Hotel Queenslifornia Day 1841

Day 1,841, 01:56 Published in Australia Australia by Australian Defence Department

Priority 1:

Fight for Australia VS. Chile in Queensland Resistance!

Dont forget to fight smart! Fight only if we are under wall and after the one (1) hour mark!

Hotel California...



These channels can help you find how to fight and receive supplies at times of the day.

If you need help, ask the ADF Marshal Draim Alexander

Minister of Defence James_Rellori
Deputy of Defense Greg MaCGregor
Deputy of Defense CyberCasper
Intern of Defence Mikeypenny1


BOUD1CCA Day 1,841, 04:25

To be very vulgar here
bugger me. Anyone know about this earlier

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,841, 04:54

Yeah Louise that's the beginning stages of a transition to CoT. You'll find eBrazil did the same thing. eAus has to follow suit soon or they're going to be mighty alone in the region. You'll find more detailed information in the many "I FKN TOLD YOU BUGGERS SO!" articles I have penned on the subject. Lots of love and kisses o/

BOUD1CCA Day 1,841, 05:06

Thanks TJ. I admit my inadaquacies here. I have opinions but I realise that there are things I am just not aware of 🙁 (so I have decided to shut up re foreign affairs)
Trouble with "Told you so" articles" though is that people don't say. "Geez he was right way back then" because it makes them realise they are probably retards 🙁
Pity you left - I do hope it was not part of a deal where we swapped you for Icetek 🙁

Benzo Diazepino
Benzo Diazepino Day 1,841, 13:04

I think we'll be here a little longer.


Manrod78 Day 1,842, 23:44

("Do you think you can stay longer than Indo or Brasil?")

Challenge accepted!

BOUD1CCA Day 1,842, 00:18

looking forward to it \o/

Benzo Diazepino
Benzo Diazepino Day 1,842, 02:42

That's what I'm talkin' about!

Gogogo keep fighting! o/

BOUD1CCA Day 1,842, 03:05

lol patronising yet
I have never stopped fighting since I started playing eRep. Most Aus players are the same - we have to be.
Just promise me that when you get sick & tired of it you wont ask us to stop & expect us to.
Or insult us by expecting us to agree to some agreement to get us off your back & leave you or those kiwi backstabbers with a part of Australia to enjoy in peace.
Now go go go & put a bit more effort into that Zona Austral battle

ScottocS Day 1,842, 20:14

Voted for Decent Song 😃

K R I L I N Day 1,842, 21:01

Louse@ we had the same shit with eArg for months. It made us stronger, both at arms and in the mind.

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