Asteria is born

Day 2,274, 15:28 Published in Greece Romania by Asteria HQ

Dear citizens of the new world,

We are pleased to inform you that tonight a new alliance, Asteria was born.
Argentina, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia are the founding members. The alliance will follow the principles of friendship, brotherhood and moral values that are in the fabric of our great nations.

A Temporary Headquarter was appointed that consists of representatives from each of the six founding countries. The Greek representative, Poseidonsr was appointed Secretary General after a unanimous decision. The Secretary General will prepare the full Charter of the Alliance in the shortest timeframe possible, but no longer than 7 days. Until the new Charter is adopted, all decisions will be made by simple majority. If there is a draw, Secretary General will have the decisive vote.

Manu Cab, President of Argentina
poseidonsr, President of Greece
HeartlessPirate,President of Hungary
dsturzoiu, President of Romania
nikol000, President of Serbia
mlena, President of Slovenia