Assistance Programs

Day 4,839, 05:09 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

The Department of Education believes it is in the nations best interest for our new and longtime players alike to be supported as citizens and soldiers. This support usually comes in the form of programs sponsored by Political Parties, Military Units and of course, the eGovernment. These programs may provide assistance to their members with Food, Weapons, Housing, and even that cold, hard cc.
All of these various programs will be POSTED in their respective FEEDS, or possibly a post with a link to an offsite page. Offsite pages will usually be utilized to fill out a form of some sort, so keep a close eye on your feeds. However, since it’s hard to know what is being posted in the feed of a PP/MU that you are not a member of, we here at DoE reached out to PP/MUs from around the eUSA to compile this information for our eCitizens. The following is a list of assistance programs offered in the eUSA.
NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list of all assistance programs. If we missed your Party/MU, or have outdated information, please message Thee Dude or PappasXXV and we will get this updated as needed.

Political Parties:
United States Worker Party:
-Unscheduled Feed Giveaways Food or Weapons
-Housing Program, Monthly Giveaway

Socialist Freedom Party:
-SFP Co-op: Interest-free, voluntarily refundable loans to help players boost their production
-Iron Rations: Weekly 1K energy drop for those who need it
-Full Supply Drop: Weekly tanks and food for those who need it

Black Sheep Party:
-Daily Food giveaways on party feed
-Unscheduled Tank Giveaways

Federalist Party:
-No Fed Left Behin😨 Daily Food, Tanks (over 200k strength), Housing Money (under Lvl 50)

We The People:
-Daily 2k Energy Drop
-Weekly CC Drop

Military Units:
Bear Cavalry:
-Unscheduled Supply Drops

US Pentagon:
-Daily Food, Tanks (over 200k strength), and Housing Money

VMA-214 The Black Sheep:
-Commune System: Food & Tank requests daily

Easy Company:
-Commune System: in times of war, resource handouts to fighters
-Weekly Food Giveaway

-GIMP: Weekly CC, varies based on air hits
Apply Weekly Here:
Check Status Here:

-Chicken Dividend (CARP) (CRAP): Daily CC, varies based on number of applicants
Comment on National Feed post to receive
For more info:

-Chicken Feed Daily 1k Energy for 25 kills
Comment on National Feed post to receive
For more info:
The DoE would like thank Deputy PappasXXV for gathering and putting together this information. Thank you for your hard work PappasXXV!
So remember Citizens, check all your feed everyday so you don’t miss out on all the great programs that we have to offer here in the eUSA!