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Day 5,939, 22:48 Published in Russia Russia by Bragge Schorsch De Elite

While all is boring, maybe something new will happen, but still it's going on like it was the day before. Plato appears:

And many will have fear, beacause they know, they are like:

...say Plato, If everyone can farm the gold like a retard inzest-born farmer in the middle-west of Dumberica (I mean usa, deal with it, i hate you), noone is going to buy at my gold-shop. I want more like

And he got angry. Very angry, because all were farming and noone fighting, but complain its boring. andf he stayed poor, wanted to sell all his gold.

And he send Bragge Schorsch de Elite, Farmer-Hunter Number One. (Just in case you're Ipsi, an idiotic Ukranian, some jerk from EAS or every other guy from Asteria). But Lana/Catalina B. had pity with the farmer, so she tried to help and send sucatbastardo with his extremly autistic shitheads (EAS) to defend the farmers. Was like

(The stealing seal is me, the fishes in thebucket are your farmed reewards)


(this is sucatbastardo defending hmmhmhm sorry, i mean hunting with contract the "thiefs")(pls replace soybeans with sky hero)

Be aware for you're rewards and be ready to fight for it.

I FORGOT: slava rossiya