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Article # 2: Being Proud of...

Day 693, 01:41 Published in Philippines Philippines by Prince Terence II
October 13, 2009

© Copyright September 2009.

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kadayao Day 693, 04:36

LOL! on Mcdo!! hehehe.. 😃

EZEX Lacroa
EZEX Lacroa Day 693, 04:50




Reclusive Monkey
Reclusive Monkey Day 693, 12:18

For a purely ePinoy, anyone want to point me at the fat stupid happy bee? kthxbai

Nikko_33 Day 694, 14:35

@RM: Check out Jollibee: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Gabriela Fajardo
Gabriela Fajardo Day 694, 17:19

Hahahaha...the bee stings painfully in this country..hahaha

Marcus Maximus y Belmonte
Marcus Maximus y Belmonte Day 694, 20:34

ROFLMAO @ pic # 1.


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