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Armed Forces of Poland

Day 1,597, 09:42 Published in Serbia Serbia by Dimitrij lvanov



Poland is one of the top 5 countries in New World and it has one of the most powerfull armies. Their armed forces are divided in several distinct groups. First group which is under direct government control is WP – Wojsko Polskie (Polish Army). WP is regular Polish army and acts as a professional mobile unit capable to deliver serious amount of damage in a very short time. Second group is PGB - Polskie Grupy Bojowe (Polish Military Groups) and it is comprised of all other paramilitary units in Poland. PGB is not under direct government control but acts on government orders and is being paid for that. Third group is PCA – Polish Civil Army. PCA is basicaly a MU for civilians who earn their bazookas and energy bars by fighting in proper battles. Commander of PCA is allways a president of the country or MoD. WP and PGB are required to use egov4you so MoD has a pretty good picture how much influence those units inflict in battle.

Poland has a regular budget for its armed forces. Every day PLN is being transferred from treasury to Ministry of Defense. 28.000 goes to WP, 120.000 goes to PGB and 5000 goes either to emergency reserve stock or is used for transport expenses. PGBs 120.000 PLN is divided to units according to their battle influence and hits. 30% of budget is divided according to hits and 70% according to overall influence of the unit. Money is then distributed by commanders to their soldiers or into the units budget to cover expense of manufactured weapons. In the next couple of articles we’ll try to show you all Polish units and these are just some of them.


Founded: 30th October 2009
Founders: Polish government, first CO DeJoT
Formation: Division
Number of soldiers: 113
Average strength: 6500
HQ officers: CO Mehel
Officers: mablo, Jimmy Mendrix, hesar, Szmitu, mr00, aga86.
Logistics: Soldiers work in several Q6 wep companies. Unit receives subsidies from government.
Communication: IRC public channel #wp.spam @quakenet
Recruitment: Opened when in need of workers. Minimum condition for joining is 3K hit with Q6. Candidate must have a good sence of humor and be mature.
History: WP was created in v1 in order to help new citizens reach FM rank as soon as possible. In those days WP had over 330 soldiers. In v2 the structure of WP was changed and it became regular army with staruszek as its first CO. He was a leader of the unit for over a year and that made him the longest serving CO in WPs histroy. WP is the only national army unit in Poland and is completely funded by Polish government. All other units are paramilitary and are only partialy funded by the government. WP has a reputation of extremely mobile unit and is ready to fight in one minute after an order from MoD is given. Their best damage result so far is 41.923.520 and is made on day 1552 in Styria for Hungary.


Founded: October 2009.
Founders: smrtan and rumpil
Formation: Division
Number of soldiers: 89
Average strength: 6500
Officers: Armados, Byq86, mordlulec, pzarebski, robertorew666, szuja321.
Logistics: Do not have companies. They receive subsidies from the government through PGB system. The money is divided amongst soldiers who then spend that money on weapons and equipment and fight during the day.
Communication: IRC channel #perun + 2 private channels for HQ and PERUN members.
Recruitment: Minimum requirements for joining is 800 hit (without weapons) and recruitment is being carried out at least once in three months. If a candidate doesn’t meet the minimum requirements but still wants to join, he will be interviewed and there is a possibility that he will recruited after all.
History: Perun was formed as a protector of Slavic countries (Perun is Slavic God of thunder and lighting) and although it was an EDEN unit, it fought for Slavic countries. Their first great operation was the battle of Western Siberian Region where they fought against Indonesia and liberated the region for Russia. They spent around 300 gold pieces in that battle of which 200 was payed by Russian government. 300 G from that period equals around 3 or 4K today. Perun used to gather people from all Slavic countries and often they had problems because wars between Slavic countries were common so they tried to avoid that kind of battles although it wasn’t always possible to do that. Gradually Perun became exclusively Polish-Czech-Slovakian unit and today there are three distinct Perun units – Polish, Slovakian and Macedonian. Although three different and autonomous units, they still maintain contact between each other.


Founded: January 2009. but celebrates birthday on April 1st.
Founders: Sadix, eHiL and Mixliarder.
Formation: Brigade
Number of soldiers: 57
Average strength: 5800
Officers: Hormonek, Mixliarder, Last Straw, Ghanim, Pyrek (retired), Welcome to Violence (retired).
Logistics: Q5 and Q6 wep companies and Q5 food company with several raw materials companies. All of those are stationed on Hormonek’s account. It is mandatory for soldiers to work in units companies and they receive weapons and equipment during IRC assembles which are organized several times a day.
Communication: Two channels on quakenet – #pog (public) and #epog (only for soldiers). They also have forum, and newspapers.
Recruitment: Opened constantly. Minimum requirements are hit 2500 with Q5 weapon and a photograph of girlfriend, sister, female friend. No photo / no application. Although max hit is important it is not the most important thing and they treat every case individually.
Presentation: POG helping ABC
History: They are the second oldest Polish military group right after GROM. They usually don’t fight under Polish MoD but they do fight for interests of Poland and ONE/ProONE countries. They receive governmental support but it ammounts to about 10% comparing all others non-governmental funds they receive. They say for themselves that they are „one of the oldest, strongest and most underrated groups in Poland” and there are many controversies involving them but they “don’t give a shit about it”. They focus on humor and fun and often organize a lot of actions and events in order to “show off”. Perfect example of this is their message to WP.


Founded: April 22nd 2010.
Founders: Vidarx and Bulfrog.
Formation: Brigade
Number of soldiers: 58
Average strength: 7000
Officers: M3fi100, frogpenis, Granatos, MaximumSpeed, Tirex88.
Logistics: Several Q6 wep companies. It is not mandatory for soldiers to work in units companies but it is more profitable than to work on a job market.
Communication: #mw channel on quakenet, forum
Recruitment: There are no specific requirements except high IRC activity. Every candidate has 7 days probation period and if he proves to be very active then he becomes full member of the unit.
Presentation: Formoza, Liaoning 11.05.2010., MW, Bavaria 31.01.2011.
History: The unit was created after the battle for North of Brazil when Peru took control over this region. First name of the unit was Formoza. The unit grew rapidly and after only a month, Formoza had 50 soldiers. In April of 2010. the unit was reorganized and took new name – The Navy (Marynarka Wojenna) with 4 fleets under its command.


Founded: December 23rd 2009.
Founders: Paveo
Formation: Corps
Number of soldiers: 170
Average strength: 5000
Officers: CO (The Don) Kreska_7, management coordinator Basowy, technical coordinator Lipvig, government liaison officer Aniaa, mercenary liaison officer CrazyPit, human resources Xenka, public relations officer Skenior, logistics coordinator matematyka.
Logistics: Q6 wep, 120 wep raw and 120 food raw companies. If there is an emergency, unit can borrow another Q6 wep and Q6 food companies. It is not mandatory for soldiers to work in units companies but they are given the oportunity to work for themselves. They give the money for raw materials and everything they produce is being donated to them. They are in the the government subsidise system.
Communication: IRC channels #bluerose (public), #bluerose.bicie (members only), (recruitment channel). Newspapers
Recruitment: Opened 24 hours a day. There are no minimum requirements for Bluerose Academy, but to join regular Bluerose minimum requirements are 750 hit without weapon. However hit is not as much important as applicants personality and sometimes not even tanks are permitted to join if they don’t prove trustworthy.
Presentation: Bluerose, Bluerose, March 2012, Bluerose, Basowy.
History: Bluerose is based on Sicilian Mafia organisations. Their leader is called Don and they require from their members a certain level of commitment, dignity and loyalty to the family. They heavily support any new member of the family and do not accept trolls or kids. Their damage is always in top 3 highest in the country and many consider them the strongest paramilitary unit in Poland.


Founded: August 2010.
Founders: Sadix.
Formation: Reinforced battalion
Number of soldiers: 30
Average strength: 4000
HQ officers:
Officers: jw_23, chomikpl, macnow, Kolejowy Tom.
Logistics: Soldiers do not work in units companies. Unit gets compensation from MoD for about half of Q6 tanks spent on the battlefield.
Communication: IRC quakenet channel #paf, forum
Presentation: POG and Rabbits, Hwangae 18.10.2009.
History: Unit was formed in August 2010 by legendary Sadix under the name Rabbits. The purpose of the unit was to train weaker players who were not able to fulfill requirements for POG. After sadix left the game, Rabbits reorganized themselves and adopted another name which we use today – PAF (Polish Armed Forces). During their warpath they had 60-70 soldiers but tofday there are only 30 of them and that makes them very active unit with activity over 80%.


Founded: December 27th 2010.
Founders: celahim, donAsher.
Formation: Corps + independent light brigade
Number of soldiers: 270
Average strength: 4000
HQ officers: celahim, adip666, TwardyBernardo, Tomeczek, HunNapoleon.
Officers: darro5, Gutek1916, sciagacz, zales15, Mwaca, mario_wwy.
Logistics: 20xQ5, 8xQ6 companies. Soldiers can work in units companies but are not required to. Unit receives compensation from the government for fighting in required battles.
Communication: #eLegion (mainly Polish players), #hunpolegio (mainly Hungarian players). Newspapers
Recruitment: Every player with strength level +1k is welcome in Legion. If someone doesn’t meet this requirement, he can still join MU as long as he remains active.
History: Legion is one of the few military groups bringing together people from two different countries and first Polish-Hungarian MU. The idea for Polish-Hungarian Legion emerged when Poland was still a member of EDEN and Hungary belonged to PHOENIX. In Hungarian press DonAsher published an article with proposal to create “association” of people united by Polish-Hungarian friendship. Celahim read it and after a short talk with DonAsher presented the idea in Polish press. It has met with an approval among Polish players. Soon the “association” transformed into military unit which eventually was called “Polish-Hungarian Foreign Legion”. Since Poland and Hungary were technically in war with each other, Legion established its base in Slovakia which had good relations with both countries. Eventually Poland left EDEN and signed MPP with Hungary, allowing them to be stationed in their home countries. They changed their name to “Polish-Hungarian Legion” and today they have two subdivisions – Polish corps with 230 soldiers and Hungarian light brigade with 40 soldiers.



*** Legionnaire International *** ***





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Nego, sada se jetih Sadix-a, kakav je on tenkcina bio...

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Definitely, the best presentation was made by Hormonek. POG!

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Great article,
all true except: "All these groups are required to use egov4you"
PCA doesn't use egov4you - they get orders only by MUDO and shouts, and that's why they don't get money/weaps from polish gov.

Toxic Twins
Toxic Twins Day 1,597, 11:39

WHERE IS RCA ?! Red Cat Army ?

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RCA and Husaria should be in this article, vote

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Hail Legion

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Dimitrij lvanov
Dimitrij lvanov Day 1,597, 12:46

RCA and Husaria were both contacted couple of days ago together with other units and unfortunately weren't so speedy in the delivery of information. They will however be portrayed in the next weeks article.

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Sadix is still alive : O

What a tank he was, I remember everyone in Peace/Phoenix hating him for that : D

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One unit is missing. Where is POW??? Or this part of ehistory is deleted and forgotten intentionally??

Dimitrij lvanov
Dimitrij lvanov Day 1,597, 14:17

Actually Belisarus, 16 are missing. And that's why at the end of the article there is "TO BE CONTINUED" and not "THE END" ; - )

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Dimitrij lvanov
Dimitrij lvanov Day 1,598, 05:25

Belisarus it's not going to be in the next one. It's going to be in the third one. I have to mention them because they are technically a Polish unit although they are not the part of the Armed Forces of Poland.

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answer: no

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