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Aries's Apple Surplus #1

Day 1,917, 06:11 Published in Netherlands Canada by Aries Prime

This year my crops were plenty and I have such a surplus I decided to hand our apples to those who need it most! I asked my good friend, Applejack, to help cart the apples to town and she agreed!

Round up all of Netherlands's D1 and D2 fighters, I have 320 energy to give to 25 lucky fighters! I don't know how many will turn up but if we need more apples I'll buy more!

As an extra, I will be holding a mini game free for all players to try out. The rules are simple, the player who comes up with the most voted story on how Applejack got her apples to the market wins! This story can involve dangers, comedy, etc. that she may experience in her travels. Cash prize of 60 CC (Enough to move to China!)

Remember to check out GPN, the best party in Netherlands!

Applejack's Fighting Theme:


SKYJACKED Day 1,917, 06:17

Voted allready subbed 🙂

LOL so funny , looking forward to the stories LOL

djirtsdew Day 1,917, 06:45


And as long as there are no good stories, let's present here the most unimaginative story, which since you can't vote it down will automatically be the best so far. : P
So, please come up with better ones. I don't want to win...

Applejack pulls all the carts with apples to the market. Nothing happens on the way. The end.

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,917, 09:05

Great, can't wait to read the stories!

nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,917, 09:38

voted for the idea to people writing stories. maybe I join into the contest? right now doing 2 separate things what will consume my time so will see.

SKYJACKED Day 1,917, 10:47

Applejack went on her way after loading the apples she so generously got from Aries orchard.
All seemed to go wel at first .
She tugged and pulled the carts over the long winding road .
Sometimes over the hills , down the valleys , on her way to town.
Allongs one of these roads she stumbled upon some kind of barricade.
She stopt to inspect the loggs that where pulled across the road, just to see if there was a way arround it.
Suddenly there was a sound coming from the bushes.
She perked her ears and tried to find out what the sound was.
At that moment Yosamite Sam jumped out of the bushes en SHOUTED
Applejack looked very supprised ,and said ....."who me"
YES you Yosamite SHOUTED
But i don't have anymoney , i just have apples from Aries.
Yosamite Turned red from anger and demands money......
Applejack thinks how to solve this ........ eeeeehhm .....
Mr Sam i think i have the solution applejack said to yosamite ....
WHAT yosamite sneared at applejack.
If you would clear the road for me and help me to get the apples to the market, i could sell em.
On the way back i'll give you a head start and when i'm on the way back to Aries Orchard you can robb me .
Than i won't have apples but just the money .
Yosamite started to smile and agreed toto help applejack with getting the apples to the market.
Together they went on their way and without anymore problems applejack & yosamite sam reached the market.
The apples sold like crazy and yosamite got happier by the minute , thinking about the hold up later that day.
After a long day when all the apples where sold and applejack collected all the money he went over to yosamite sam.
Now yosamite , if you just go on ahead , i'll just drink & eat somewhat and will follow you so you can do the hold up.
All was said and yosamite went on his way.....
Applejack made shure he was gone , ate some , had a few pints of beer .

SKYJACKED Day 1,917, 10:47

But before applejack went on her way she pulled out a cellphone and called Aries.
Hey Aries can you pick me up at the market with the trailer and SUV coz im a bit tired from the road to the market.
Sure no prob AJ , i'll be there in a few.
So said , half an hour later Aries met AJ ......put her in the trailer, collected the money and started the car.
Oooh Aries there one more thing , i think we should go the long way round .
Why's that AJ ...... just because there's a crazy red moustached cowboy that helped me 🙂
Why is that a problem AJ ....... i just promised him that he could robb me on the way back , so it better to leave him alone.
He might be a bit trigger happy by the time he found out that i just needed him to pull the heavy carts .

Weeks later , Aries went by the trail that AJ took to the village ........yosamite jumped from the bushes.....
Aries immidiatly offered him some money......... yosamite declined ......... don't you have any apples coz i'm hungry as hell.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,917, 11:38

voted, nice idea Aries! o7

Yfke van de Zand
Yfke van de Zand Day 1,918, 04:26

This is fun.

SKYJACKED Day 1,918, 06:27

seems like i'm the only one on mind expanding substances ......🙁

nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,918, 08:00

I was born with expanded mind 😃 ... I think that pony found some magical mushrooms but thats an other story totally of course

SKYJACKED Day 1,918, 08:49

Dunno if they where srooms , but it was green and smokable 🙂

Silver Martens
Silver Martens Day 1,918, 08:30

im unfamiliar with this pony stuff but could i have a small round up on applejack's personality so that i can write one too? :3

SKYJACKED Day 1,918, 08:34

just let your fantasy take over and write something, its all up to you m8

Applejack is what you want her to be LOL

nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,918, 08:52

agree on this comments. no rules just your fantasy!

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 1,918, 09:33

I still have a huge surplus and not many contenders for the prize. I suppose I can just keep making up contests : )

PariahDog Day 1,918, 10:20

And a valiant story of heroism it shall be. Applejack shall fight the great evil! Will she prevail?

SKYJACKED Day 1,918, 10:33

😛 Applejack could be a high prized call girl to

Silver Martens
Silver Martens Day 1,919, 00:46

Huff and puff, another day send out, to bring these apples to the market.
"Aries may be a pal but sending me on a quest to nowhere is meaningless!" applejack spoke to the sky, she was already three days on her way, from market to market, listening to the stories all the kind children and adults had to tell.
But none matched her description, not a single story could win even a small part of her apple taste reward.
The fourth day, the apples looked bleak, if she didn't find a story teller fitting the description another batch would be going down the drain!
"We can't have this!" applejack spoke as she pulled harder, trying to reach the plaza of this small town, hopes riding high!
Only to be crushed, again and again...this town was abandoned, not a single soul!.
How could these apples now be delivered? No people to give them too, not even children ran by.
Untill a small bard playing on his flute passed by.
Followed by music, entertainment and joy, an crowd of people walked into the town!.
The boy had gathered story tellers, from west to south, north to east and even in the middle.
Story's were flung, left to right as the apples quickly depleted only two left of their kind.
The day passed by, not a single complaint, everybody was happy, not much of a complaint.
Applejack signed, as she noticed the two, took one of them as a reward too!
enjoying this snack she noticed the boy, threw him one along with a smile in hand.
"Thanks for the help" she spoke to the boy, he just shrugged it off granting her a smile back.
"If you need a hand, just call us up!" he spoke, taking a bite.
Applejack laughed as he rambled on, small little stories from far and wide.
After an hour or four they went to bed, sleeping till dawn where their roads split again.
But do not worry, applejack and the boy had still many adventures, but that is a story to be told later.
Good night children, good night friends.
Be carefull, here comes the boy of the flute!

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 1,919, 08:51

Hehe I am glad you wrote something. I think technically Skyjacked won though since he had one more vote : p

Silver Martens
Silver Martens Day 1,919, 09:02

Two, forgot to upvote his :3

Silver Martens
Silver Martens Day 1,919, 00:46

There, i pulled a small story out, please be honest ;-;

SKYJACKED Day 1,920, 10:13

THKS for the prizemoney 🙂

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