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Aquitaine's mate

Day 1,763, 09:57 Published in USA USA by Ariakis

Well - since I enjoy a little trolling from time to time, trolling is a sort of art that needs something that you can feed on. Even if it's art which should be full of flow and freestyle. Prooly the reason why from time to time I tend to write something serious. Apart of the fear that I could actually run out of irony.
So you won't get bored ^

Region of Aquitaine was (at least in USA) probably the very center of military activity recently. Probably the first serious battle since Glove's invasion on Indos, which unfortunately was lost. Even the worst case is that it was lost due to large help of CWNSNBS (sorry - ain't going to use another two popular names be it FYROM or Macedonia).

The same country that just recently took a part in wiping out France and since till yesterday was still an ally of Spoland. Well - according to news from non-existing alliance called CTRL they've did harm to Spain (and Poland which according to their MoFA is able to feel Spanish pain - you Americans should feel ashamed after causing year worth of pain to Poland by taking part in wiping the floor with Spain) and lastly to USA.

Now one could wonder why the flamewar started just after PPs elections not at the very beginning?

Aqui battle started on Friday and if CWNSNBS had active NE on France it still would take at least 16 rounds x 1:30h +/- 1hour to RW Midi and then conquer it so they would be able to get border with Aquitaine. More than 24h to react apparently is not enough for Spolish FA or Polish trolls.

Pretty much time to warn USA, prepare and so on as would real allies do. But well - instead they have waited till Sunday and started blaming those Balkan guys, accusing them of breaking the deal about deleting France, RWing Midi (that was agreed to be RWed in order to allow green country to Aquitaine) too early, and not helping Spain against Portugal and Colombia.

Not to be rude but how's the CWNSNBS 'betrayal' different from agreeing to let them get Aquitaine held by USA? Or might be the case that Spoland wanted to help USA in losing some more bonuses?

Or how's CWNSNBS not helping Spain (I wonder in the first place why Spain took 3rd front and why they complain about losing unnecessary drain region with no economical or strategical value?) is different from Poland not helping Spain against Colombia, but instead of that fighting for resistance in Corsica?

The same Corsica that according to some random guy was meant to be RWed because of secret CWNSNBS-French deal that would allow France having Congress? ^.-

Well - those are some questions I could answer, but i prefer those who actually care to read find their own answers.

As for the future of Aquitaine: atm it's being attacked by Poland and will be conquered which may cause some funny events:
- Poland might wait and try to piss CWNSNBS enough so they'd NE them - stupid move resulting in wipeout from Western Europe and loss of ex-ONE/CoT MPPs
- loss of MPPs and risk of being maybe not wiped, but at high risk of losing resources is the same reason why Poland won't NE CWNSNBS - resources come first afterall.
- USA have two options: - wait till it's RWed and NE France if Aqui is meant to be reclaimed - which would probably totally piss off lot o people in here or...
...or attack Poland - which would result in minor loss of Spanish MPP - on the other hand if Govt is still on track of CTRL this could be a great move to shut up opposition for a while.

Many of us are aware of Israel's comments regarding rouge NE proposal on Poland and possible war, maybe not so many of us know about Polish comments stating that if one of those rouge proposal passes 'war wouldn't be serious' - but I really doubt that such agreement could be made.

Even training wars or wars that are meant to be ignored drain damage. And since USA would regain Aquitaine it probably soon face CWNSNBS NE.
And in that case well: Poland is rather easy to be distracted, EDEN is focusing on not letting Serbia into China (still USA ally), Spain is busy - which makes whole situation not so comfortable especially that some could find it more fancy to earn true patriots against Poland.

CWNSNBS can either go all out and NE Poland or focus on resistance wars ping-pong with them. Lack of border with USA prevents them from anything until one of countries get border and RWing Aqui from Poland would a lot harder than from USA in case they'd try to acquire rubber (and knowing their stubborness they will try) by NEing France.

Also succeeding on any front is highly dependable on participation of own allies or EDEN either fighting for USA or against Poland which is not likely since we're focusing on Serbia. Meaning that it'd be pretty much 1vs1 war with some minor influ coming from MPPs followed by en masse RWs supported by Poles.

Might be aswell some other plot behind all of this, but it's not like I'm that keen to play into sci-fi.

Whole situation is a bit weird - at least when we take a look at ex-ONE countries. Poland and Spain may be desperate to get some of USA attention especially after pTO supported by Serbian voters failed also thanks to aTO participation from TEDEN folks with US citizenship.

And we all know that Serbia due to their military power isn't someone they'd ditch easily.

On ther other hand CWNSNBS compared to USA and Brazil (even without TEDEN damage there's still great advantage in different timezone) can be ditched.
But the way they are doing that not only gets them one more enemy (at least for full-scale trolling Poland) but also may not look good in they eyes of people they want into their non-existing alliance.

Especially after some of CWNSNBS-Spanish conversations were published.

As for climax it will be reached either when one side make a crucial mistake by proposing and voting NE resulting in a loss of MPPs or when Serbia and Bulgaria decide to take one's side in case CWNSNBS-Spolish conflict won't be ended in diplomatic way.

But well - that might be also some sort of the weirdest distraction during last few months in eR and it'll finish before it seriously starts.

And as for the serious part of the article: have you seen any of your CTRLish-Spolish allies helping USA defending Aqui? Just briefly checked battlewatcher and could not find tons of them...


Yours POWish prophet of analysis


Sztandar Day 1,763, 10:10

tl;dr, but Ariakis asked me in shout to comment his unpopular articles, so here I am - merciful stalker.

Smiljan Day 1,763, 10:24


III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,763, 10:28

sztandarowy did u take ur pills??

DeJoT Day 1,763, 11:03


Ariakis - ain't nothing but a crolak 🙂

Ivan Terible
Ivan Terible Day 1,763, 14:28

nice one

vingaer Day 1,763, 15:25


1. trolling to sztuka
2. akwitania to ważny region
3. fyrom to macedonia
4. macedonia powoduje, że polska odczuwa ból poprzez hiszpanię
5. spoland to zło
6. ciąg pytań, na które ariakis nie zna odpowiedzi
7. usa powinny zaatakować polskę
8. żydzi są poważni
9. polska nie ma szans
10. w zdaniu nie ma orzeczenia, więc nie bardzo je rozumiem
11. ariakis podkreśla, że nie lubi science fiction
12. zła serbia robi pto stanom, eden to tylko siły apto, które bronią amerykanów

vingaer Day 1,763, 15:26

13. polska robi sobie wroga, potężnego trolla macedonię
14. polska robi sobie zły pr
15. polska opuści swoje mpp otwierając wojnę z mkd (albo mkd to zrobi)
16. serbia zdecyduje
17. ariakis uwzględnia, że może się mylić (to duży postęp)
18. polska jest sama

streszczenie streszczenia:

bla bla bla polska jest zła i głupia i upadnie, bla bla bla eden jest potężny i najlepszy i pomaga biednym amerykanom

DeJoT Day 1,763, 15:59

Streszczenie streszczenia streszczenia:
Ariakis ma permanentnego butthurta.

Superferro Day 1,763, 17:00

wow! What a rousing polemic with the author : D

Helldarr Day 1,763, 23:23

When i read it I must say "A mind in chaos" is perfect name....

Hoso Day 1,764, 13:12

Sztandar błagam, wróć do pisania trollujących artów, bo komentarze Ci wybitnie nie wychodzą (bazując na średnim ich poziomie w ostatnim tygodniu). Shouty też ogranicz 🙂

Co do samego arta to znając niezmierną błyskotliwość dyplomacji ePL, to wszystko jest możliwe, a wojna z FYLOL'em nawet bardzo prawdopodobna.

Przemas503 Day 1,764, 13:36


Scrouch Day 1,765, 00:11

Cause Aquitaine is France !

Sauternes rulez da World.

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