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April Ambassador Reports II

Day 1,979, 14:07 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

In this issue, the Irish citizens and allies will be presented the following statements and interviews:

A Statement from the Swedish MoFA
Ambassador: Liam Tatlock
Official: Flavourised

An Interview with the Swiss MoFA
Ambassador: Paddy Obrien
Official: Alexandre Walen

Liam Tatlock:

I'd be interested in any comments you might have on the current situation in UK/Ireland/Argentina. Thanks for anything you might have on this, or any other subject that would interest Ireland and/or Sweden, in particular any details you might want to give on your current struggles.


Yes, unfortunately, it appears we're not as close to CoT as we'd hoped, and they had seemingly no problem letting Lithuania attack us. I'll admit to feeling a tiny bit betrayed, but I do understand that we never had any written agreement with CoT, just good relationships. Relationships, which now are non-existent.

Latvia and Lithuania, it appears, got bored and decided to (unofficially) remake ABC and go to war against Asgard once more. This time, however, they have backing by both CoT and TWO, and we obviously cannot defend ourselves against that. We succeeded in throwing Latvia out well timed with the last elections, but Lithuania have proved themselves more persistent in their efforts to hold us down. We do, however, have high hopes of keeping our current congress, and hopefully our enemies will not last much longer.

As for the invasion of the UK, I don't have much to say on the matter, other than my congratulations for you success and wishes of good luck. We don't like the UK much more than you do (since their adventures in Norway and membership in TWO), and your invasion is at least one thing, although small, to be happy about in these dark times. Good on ya!

Paddy Obrien:
How long have you played eRepublik?
Alexandre Walen:
Only 1 year xD

Paddy Obrien:
What enations have you been a citizen of and what positions have you held in them?.
Alexandre Walen:
I never changed my CS, I was born and live in eSwitzerland.

Paddy Obrien:
What MU are you a part of?
Alexandre Walen:
Swiss National Army

Paddy Obrien:
Is eSwitzerland a part of an alliance?
Alexandre Walen:
Yes, we are a member of CoT.

Paddy Obrien:
How do you feel about eIreland?
Alexandre Walen:
I see a country loyal to its allies and not take refuge in other alliances.

Paddy Obrien:
What is your opinion of CUA?
Alexandre Walen:
CUA is paying for the bad decisions they made months ago. We know that the CUA was who took the initiatives, such as the Colombian attack to Spain, that distanced Brazil from Colombia after a series of events.

Paddy Obrien:
Do you see a difference between an alliance and a brotherhood?
Alexandre Walen:
Yes, for me, a brotherhood is a group of countries fighting for friendship and not for interest.

Paddy Obrien:
How do you see the current war between CUA and eUK/TWO ending?
Alexandre Walen:
I expected a victory since the beginning of TWO. Argentina would not be far from the borders of Poland for a long time.

Paddy Obrien:
What are your short term goals for eSwitzerland?
Alexandre Walen:
Conduct a training war and get more bonus for our population.

Paddy Obrien:
Do you have long term goals for eSwitzerland, and do you care to share them?
Alexandre Walen:
Of course I have! I ran in the last month's primary elections (for set only one candidate against the PTO) and proposed several ideas to the country, just see my articles ^ ^

Paddy Obrien:
What is your proudest achievement as MoFA?
Alexandre Walen:
Finally I have a chance to do what I like 🙂

Paddy Obrien:
What is the achievement you are most happy with as a player?
Alexandre Walen:
MoFA. I love diplomacy, I love representing my country in foreign affairs \o/

Paddy Obrien:
Do you think admin could make changes to improve the game? If so, what would you like to see the most?
Alexandre Walen:
Make this game more real, put more countries, creating something related to tourism, Improve the economy

Q: What is your favorite food and drink?
A: Food: Stroganoff with rice and french fries, mmmm xD Drink: Vodka
Q: What is your favorite color?
A: White
Q: Do you support any sports teams?
A: Of football? Paris Saint German!
Q: If you could have any car in the world, what would it be?
A: Chrysler 300C, I love this car
Q: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?
A: Anywhere in the world who has a beach with white sand and large palm trees to relax \o/
Q: Dogs or cats?
A: Dogs
Q: Cold climate or warm climate?
A: Warm!
Q: Desert or Jungle?
A: Jungle
Q: Farm or city to live in?
A: City
Q: Mountains or plains?
A: Mountains
Q: Snow skiing or water skiing?
A: Water skiing
Q: Fishing or hunting?
A: Fishing
Q: Favorite type of book to read?
A: Travel Books
Q: Babies or puppies?
A: Puppies '-'
Q: House or apartment?
A: Apartment
Q: Train or aircraft?
A: Aircraft!

Do you want to get involved in Foreign Affairs? Help your country? Meet new players from around the world? We are still looking for more talent in the Irish Ambassador Program. We request that anyone interested pm Raven Anarcho, who is currently heading the program. Although many nation positions are being filled up, there are still many more available. We look forward to working with you this term!



MUFC992 Day 1,979, 14:14

Great job !!

Shadowfang Day 1,979, 14:32

V and good job!

horsedyc Day 1,979, 19:13

voted and subed

Bohemond4 Day 1,979, 22:46

We don't like the UK much more than you do (since their adventures in Norway and membership in TWO),


I don't blame them for hating us after Norway (:

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Day 1,979, 23:39

\o great job

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Day 1,980, 09:14

Great work MoFA. Enjoyed reading about Sweden/Switzerland 🙂

Strength and Honour

Tom Crean
Tom Crean Day 1,980, 17:46

great update.

Struis Vogel
Struis Vogel Day 1,981, 05:46

Paddy OBrien is the most Irish name i have ever seen. V

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,983, 04:01

v - good stuff.

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