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Day 1,915, 05:29 Published in Austria Austria by C E R O V I N A
I came in Austria because i love it and as you know i thought that Serbia is good ally. I formed MU of people that i found here. Mostly those who work in Switzerland or Germany and I have them amassed in the unit. They are not all serbs. They are Balkan people,Macedonians,Croatians and all religions.

I was accused for PTO. So how can a man be pto-er if he fight for Austria and dont have any congress medal.

My good friend from RL waiting for application for entering the country. He told me how he was rejected in very rude way, just because he is Serb.

Man was congressman in New Zeland and he retired form that place because he wanted to join me in Austria.

When i came, Austria was 54th on rank and now it is 58th. With your wrong policy you getting away real friends of Austria. Dont make enemy out of Serbs because i love Austrian people.

So i ask someone to accept application of my friend krupanjac1389 !

I rembere when Serbia was defending Austria. That is moment when i gain my 11 BH medal. Here you see a picture. It was on day 1716



Skorpion 35
Skorpion 35 Day 1,915, 06:07

Brishi ih sa mape bre. Bi biiippp tu tu tuuu

LarsUlrich87 Day 1,915, 06:08

nice try 😃 he got rejected cause he lied to us for a lot of times claiming he s from nzl irl (like the other guy claiming he was from nzl, oh then he was from belarus....what a pity his IP was serbian again 😮 )

go and look for another country, we dont want u stupid ptoers here and i totally hope u get hit by a bus

C E R O V I N A Day 1,915, 06:42

level 32 and decide on the Future of Austria
because you now should therefore be deleted from the Serbian
Serbian Congress just consider your posts! You're like a major for all in Austria.
Austria has a lot of fair player, but you're not one of them! follow your personal interests

LarsUlrich87 Day 1,915, 06:44

austria has a lot of fair players, tigers r not one of them.....but as we all know they blackmail and lie a lot, u may think our people r dumb enough to believe ur lies but they arent

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,915, 06:48

So you would gave me a cs if i told you that i am a serb?.. i dont think so.. You are just scared of coming too many people to Austria and loosing you position in government of that country..

Rangeley Day 1,915, 07:09

Are you arguing you should only be honest when you can get something out of it - otherwise you should mislead until you get what you are after?

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,915, 07:40

Dont try to ell me that moral crup.. Its obvisly was that you dont want to acept any cs request to Serbian people?... So it was expect from me to lie for not telling you that i am Serbian man.!!!

Rangeley Day 1,915, 07:45

In a game where you cannot look someone in the eye, it can be difficult to establish trust. If you would include false information on something as simple as this, it is a bad indication of what is to come. Your actions make the argument for you that you believe honesty should only be used when it is to your benefit.

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,915, 07:50

I am know for constant rejecting serbian request for cs.. That is a trust betwen you and other congresmen who control this country.

LjudinaBS Day 1,915, 07:56

Ne raspravljaj se sa njim zbodi gaaaaa !!!

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,915, 07:58

Nema leba od toga..

Indominus Rex
Indominus Rex Day 1,915, 06:08

kako lazes sunce ti xD

Arhiepiskop Dugopoljski
Arhiepiskop Dugopoljski Day 1,915, 06:41

Jebala vas Austrija. : )

Arn.Magnusson Day 1,915, 07:09

Comment deleted

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,915, 07:11

If you are American, wtf you doing in Montenegro? PTO.. Yes of course

Arn.Magnusson Day 1,915, 07:18

I've already explained that

wschwabe Day 1,915, 07:11

"I was accused for PTO. So how can a man be pto-er if he fight for Austria and dont have any congress medal."
I don´t know how often you tried to buy a congress-seat, but it was more than one time.

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,915, 07:13

He must triing to buy congress seat, when few guys control government al the time

wschwabe Day 1,915, 07:17

two days after arriving in eAustria? muahahaha

Rangeley Day 1,915, 07:25

"So how can a man be pto-er if he fight for Austria and dont have any congress medal."

Is this because you have not tried, or because you have not been successful in trying?

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,915, 07:26

how player can hae 27 congres medal?

Arhiepiskop Dugopoljski
Arhiepiskop Dugopoljski Day 1,915, 07:29

Žare, daj Austriju za PN. : )

C E R O V I N A Day 1,916, 02:08


Vreath Day 1,915, 07:38

How about you guys get the f*ck off? You only seek for your own interest and not for the good of is a simple PTO attempt and not the first we have to deal with.
No chance for you and stop your populistic propaganda bullcrap please. We have enough of it.

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,915, 07:42

You are telling me to stop.. what about your curent CP... Did you know that he is also from Balkan?.. How he even can get cs .. i dont want even to talk about his 4 times mandat as leader of country and 7 congres member medals... thats just a crup what are you telling to us..

Rangeley Day 1,915, 07:50

You claim we hate people from the Balkans and then act surprised that we would have a RL Macedonian as President... the fact is, we do not have something against people from the Balkans, and you raise the perfect evidence against it.

He came here honestly and did not attempt to mislead us, he built a good reputation through honest actions, has remained active, and earned his way to the position he has reached. It is not impossible for people to earn things in honest ways.

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,915, 07:51

Maybe but it is imposible to get damn citizenship on good way...

Rangeley Day 1,915, 07:58

It is very hard to get citizenship in small nations compared to large ones, but why shouldn't it be? It takes fewer people to do greater damage. We know this well here, many different groups have taken power in the past, stolen all the money, retreated regions (when this was possible), and done other harm. So we take precautions now to try and prevent this from happening again.

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,915, 07:59

But why you think that i want to harm eAustria.. thats the last thing i want to do.. I just want to change my citizenship and keep playing this damn game..

Rangeley Day 1,915, 08:06

It's not like a harmful PTOer is going to announce they want to do harm. But by including false information in your application, you raised suspicion about connections to the Tigers - a group that showed up here and immediately began to try several party PTO's and used bribery as a tool. This connection is confirmed in this article.

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,915, 08:16

I am in trigres cuz i am coming to become a comander of that MU..

LarsUlrich87 Day 1,915, 08:47

"My good friend from RL waiting for application for entering the country."

seems we have done everything right

tigers is a pto-group and u r a rl friend of one of the leaders, lieing at the CS application.......ya rly why dont u come to our country and have a congress seat lol

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,915, 08:49

I dont need your damn congress seat, if you dont see my profile take a look now.. I can go to congres on NZ whenever I want, so pls be sure, congres isnt my goal at eAustria.. Sure i was lieing.. cuz i already heard that you reject everyone who have conections with tigers..

Rangeley Day 1,915, 08:59

Tigers established a bad reputation because of dishonest tactics, bribery, immediately trying to seize control of parties... Keep in mind, congress members have no obligation to accept a citizenship request. The burden is on the person who applies to earn the request and show why they are trustworthy. If you will lie even in the request to get citizenship, what other things are you lying about to get what you want? What other things will you lie about in the future?

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,915, 09:35

If you need to know my eHistory and that how player i am, go to New Zealand, and ask everyone, from CP and ministers, to ordinary players. I lied cuz you wouldnt acept my request cuz you dont acepting any serbian request for CS.. how many times i need to tell that?

Rangeley Day 1,915, 09:40

Not only did you lie about being from New Zealand, you also claimed you knew noone in eAustria and had no plans. Again the question is, if someone will lie about all this right away, what else will they lie about?

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,915, 09:45

Lars its obviosly that rejecting my request is whole political problem. Be sure this isnt the end of this story... Now i am angry, and thats problem for you..

Vreath Day 1,915, 09:50

Oh the little girl got angry, did someone take your lollipop away? Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
Here some napkins.

And another thing: You would not have got rejected if the Tigers did not act so blindly and naively and came to Austria with the purpose to PTO it. Now they have seen that they cant and try to bribe all people they see and they blackmail members of the government.
We have even some ingame message logs where they try to organize CS so they can achieve the PTO. LOL fun.

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,915, 10:11

interesting.. when you already called me a lier, give me form again and i will fill it with try information.. if that mean something to you.

Rangeley Day 1,915, 19:41

Statements like "you will pay!" while figuratively waving a fist generally do not build a case for trustworthy-ness.

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,916, 00:23

more and more esuses... 😛 😛 :

mungos032 Day 1,915, 07:51

I suggest to close all Serbian aplications for CS,and it wont be problems.

Hail Serbia !
Hail Austria!

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,915, 07:52

Sa koje si ti kruske spao?

mungos032 Day 1,915, 07:55

Ostavite ljude na miru! Očigledno je da planirate PTO.

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,915, 07:57

Da mi je neko drugi rekao pa hajde, ali da mi to neko kaze ko je radio PTO svajcarske, i pomagao PTO je vec malo diskutabilno o tvom pravu da nam sudis..

mungos032 Day 1,915, 08:12

Comment deleted

mungos032 Day 1,915, 08:16

2 sata provedenih u USA i godinu ipo u miru živeo sa Švajcarcima i sarađivao sa Austrijancima,to PTOa videlo nije, pa šta misliš što sam rekao da se zatvore aplikacije za CS? Još Austrija? Pare hoćete? Sramota.

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,915, 08:18

Neverovatno.. Da mi je zbog para dupe zinulo da dodjem u Austriju ili bilo koju drugu drzavu davno bih prestao da igram ovu besmislenu igru.. Na Novom Zelandu sam 14 meseci pa nisam ukrao ni jednog pisljivog dinara, tako da opet nemas pravo da mi pricas o postenju.. Ne zanima me sta si radio u svici ili usi, to je tvoja stvar...

mungos032 Day 1,915, 09:04

Ako je tako onda ću ti srediti državljanstvo,ali držim te za reč. Nemoj posle da bude: "Nisam ja , oni su".

Vreath Day 1,915, 09:11

mungos...sta ces ti srediti? Koji si ti faktor u Austriji? Ko tebe pita.

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