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Day 573, 17:13 Published in India India by Mr. Smo

Dear eInida,

I would just like to apologize to everyone I have hurt here in my recent trip to eIndia. It has been a short dramatic time for me and some of you. I hope you all understand that I am truly sorry for all of the distraction I have caused. I did not want to cause such distraction in the political world, but as a result of my selfish actions, I have. I am deeply sorry for barging in and going against the culture of eIndia. What I should have done was, move here and get to know everyone. Instead I decided to create a second political party without the opinions of any of you. I am not asking for any of you to forgive me, but I am just asking if you can give me a second chance here. I may have derided a lot of what was going on in the government and else where before giving some respect, but I am sure I can give more respect from now on. I also plan to open up a businesses here. As for my political plans here, I plan on staying in India’s Workers Party. I plan on taking a back seat for a while until I have really begun to understand fully how things go around here. I do not plan on running for president, but I may run for congress on and off in the future. I know some of you have already condemned me for my actions, but I believe I can do better than this. To those of you who think I will never value eInida over the eUS, I am here for good now and promise to support eIndia over the eUS.

P.S.-David, can you please un-ban me from eIndia's forum? I would love to stay here and get a second chance.



Kiran V
Kiran V Day 573, 22:29

Voted. If you have this kind of attitude you will definitely find people of eIndia very friendly. They are not against you but were only against your thoughts. SO if you give respect you will definitely get more respect and support from people. 🙂

Shivendu SRJ
Shivendu SRJ Day 573, 23:22

if u really wanna do us a favour then close down this India's workers party

Lord Bernin
Lord Bernin Day 573, 23:48

VOTED. Now you have done the right thing and i have accepted your friendship request. I agree with Kiran. You should stay here and try to win everyone's hearts and you will defenitely get our support.

As for IWP, now i am the President, so there is no danger to India.

Sachin18 Day 574, 02:12

Smo -
Stay like this as what you are now ,this is good for both you & us, u can open up business here but don't bother urself into politics ,otherwise it may lead to one more apology from you ....

Sachin18 Day 574, 02:15

Voted mate !!

Sir Winston S Churchill
Sir Winston S Churchill Day 574, 02:31

I've not voted tbh, you have called me many things in both private and in public including a thief and I always go on my instincts and I dont trust you at all and still will do all I can to make you leave India, sorry if that offends anyone but thats my view.

Shivendu SRJ
Shivendu SRJ Day 574, 02:41

u have the right view david!

BroodRoosterNL Day 574, 03:46

Hmm, well. A lot has been said already and I'm not going to say anything more than this:

Proof yourself,
Good luck.

Lord Bernin
Lord Bernin Day 574, 03:57

I totally agree with brood. Any way, you cant get a congress chance this time.

Dr. Satya
Dr. Satya Day 574, 07:14

ok its fine
but try to support eindia now onwards

Debz Day 574, 11:20

Good to have you fully in e-india.

Mr. Smo
Mr. Smo Day 574, 12:43

Thanks to all of you who accepted my apology. I don't care if you took it or not, but I just wanted to let you all know that I am truly sorry. I will stay out of politics for a while but not forever. My businss will be opening soon, so stay posted if you are interested.

David, or any eIndian forum admin, can you please un-ban me form the forum?

troj4n20 Day 574, 17:02

voted anna 😃

hs1975 Day 575, 03:52

guys be carefull, a defeated man always licks his wounds and plans a strategy to strike back

sarak_2 Day 575, 08:09

Everyone makes mistake but takes guts to admit a mistake that you have made. Welcome to eIndia!

Lord Bernin
Lord Bernin Day 575, 09:04

Its ironical that here you are apoligising and in the next article you are talking of a third party. If you continue like this, you will face dire consequences. I will also not allow you to contest for Congress.

Blazed Day 575, 09:29

I think you should leave. I have been tracking this and no-one should stay after what u hav done.

shail.back Day 575, 10:09

I also believe you are not one who can fit in deleting y should leave...which wil be more rspectful for you ...rather than just being here and getting such comments...Its best way to respect d peoples where u are everyone here want u to leave...

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