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Day 2,285, 09:14 Published in USA USA by 2gundiplomacy

I am sorry to report, but after a week of writing as detailed articles as I have, numbers have been decreasing at a steady rate, and I do believe that there is no point in doing this much detailed work and spending upwards to 2 hours analyzing maps, reading foreign papers, and writing the paper. Again, I am sorry about this, but I will no longer be reporting on the happenings of eRepublik unless a sizeable number of people request me to continue. Thank you for all your support for those that have been reading my articles. Everyone have a good day 🙂




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Glow Cloud Day 2,285, 13:37

They were good while they lasted.

klop123 Day 2,286, 13:07

Shame, was just getting into them.

jadiv Day 2,286, 16:44

It was a laborious undertaking. The articles were good and the information timely.

Looking forward to future endeavors.

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