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Anything to Win

Day 1,781, 01:33 Published in USA USA by George Armstrong Custer
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Things are not always what they seem.
:: These Parties are fakes. These guys bought small low ranked Parties and changed their names to fool you. Look at these fake Parties' rankings and membership numbers.
::: They've spelled "Military" in AMP as "miiitary" so the middle capital I looks like a lower case L
::: Same thing in the spelling of Federalist-- that's an upper case I looking like a lower case L.
:: They outright stole the real AMP and Feds' Party avatars to further deceive you.
:: Look at the fake AMP and fake Feds Parties' pages yourself. Compare with the real AMP and real Feds Party pages.
:: The real AMP and Feds support the Unity candidate.

Dateline: Friday October 5, 2012 (Day 1,781)
Location: At home, at peace, at one with the world
Reporter: George Armstrong "Old Man" Custer

Is It Really Such a Tough Call?

Okay, so the pre-election selection of a Unity candidate should have been handled better.
And the Unity candidate is really not a likable guy.
But election day is here, and this is what we have.

Vote for Pfeiffer, or vote for the people who are so arrogant as to lie right to your face on election day.

Join the cadre of whiney punkass malcontents who support these liars, and hand America over to a coalition of enemies.

Go ahead, reach behind you with your right hand, push the shiny little lever, and flush America down the crapper.

Because liars are so much better than a guy who's a well qualified jerk.

George Armstrong "Old Man" Custer

Beware of Dorkness
They'll Do Anything to Win



George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,781, 01:34

Because liars are so much better than a guy who's a well qualified jerk.

BeachBunny Day 1,781, 01:37

rofl i love it vote Henry Arundel!

Emperor Rick
Emperor Rick Day 1,781, 01:40

Pfeiffer is a corrupt backroom dealer who's had his hands on government for far too long.
A controversial self appointed "unity" candidate is not a choice. I will not vote for a selfish narcissist like Henry Arundel.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,781, 01:48

Left-wing media bias.


TTi09 Day 1,781, 02:07

I like beans

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,781, 03:22

AMP supports Henry Arundel. The imposter party who supports HanibalLA has been reported to Admins.

Zheng He
Zheng He Day 1,781, 03:37

AFA Is not a choice, it's a terrorist organization.

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,781, 03:38

The (real) Federalist Party supports Henry Arundel~

Krimpie Day 1,781, 04:08

The only difference between Phluffer and Hanibal is their RL nationalities. Serb vs. US.
Otherwise they're 2 lying sacks of shi.. 2 peas in a pod.

fingerguns Day 1,781, 06:11

Dude you're so much better at this than I am. *hearts*

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,781, 06:32


Ovidiu.Aurel Day 1,781, 07:22


Simulare Day 1,781, 08:12

Genius! See, that's the kind of ingenuity that drives the masses of new players to eRepublik.

And by "new players" i mean, citizens running a crapload of multis behind proxys.

5440 Day 1,781, 08:35

could Slyk Willy be any more retarded?

Ehab Day 1,781, 09:39

You are right ,voted o7

Synesi Day 1,781, 10:57

(Real) Americans support Henry Arundel in this election.

Slyk Willy
Slyk Willy Day 1,781, 13:53

lol, what a joke, one group go's for a unity vote "without everyones vote" and the other uses the game mechanics in their favor,,, whats the big deal.

and real americans, lmao, its a game and we are on team USA just like every other citizen.

Many AFA members might wish to do the USA harm but hanibal is not one of them.

And the rest of you who whine about my every word, grow up and get a life its a &**^#^&$ game

Slyk Willy
Slyk Willy Day 1,781, 14:10

John Largo, report what, no rules were broken and they are partys created using the game mechanics. the fact they are deceiving is no more nor less of a corrupt process for achieving votes then the "unity candidate vote" that excluded much of the populous.

Bucephalus92 Day 1,781, 15:07

Truly unbelievable Slyk, I have no words that can describe this insanity

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,781, 15:41

I noticed that when you click on the party link below the candidates that it takes you to the National Rank 46 party, but when you click on the National Ranking link it takes you to the Top 10 and the #4 Federalist Party. ???

DokJon Day 1,781, 15:44

AMP endorses Arundel.

Slyk Willy
Slyk Willy Day 1,781, 15:44

what no logical response? you just have no words?, constant insults is about your speed

redbirdusa Day 1,781, 21:42

They also have no one in Congress and the Real AMP has 17 congress members this fake one has 0.

Liquid Oxygen
Liquid Oxygen Day 1,782, 12:44

Not to mention, masquerading as Dioists, a crime for which all participants will be PURIFIED.

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,782, 14:27

you mean pureed...?
was the Starlight endorsement also bogus? I would have been happy to have included that as well.
blaspheming a cartoon God... jees, that's pretty pathetic.

kavinaugh Day 1,782, 17:37

Left-wing media bias.

lol silly ajay: youre making even less sense than usual!

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