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Anyone fancy a change?

Day 488, 10:46 Published in Denmark Thailand by sparkster

Is anyone bored of training and working daily and feel they are not making a contribution in there country?

If so please PM me about a move to eThailand, we are a small nation but your voice is always heard.

thanks for your time and any questions please PM me, sparkster.



HrBjorn Day 488, 10:48

I say we declare a trade embargo against eThailand.

carlos Day 488, 11:02

If Thailand so great why he writing in Switzerland? is it possible to foreigners for treason?

Grev Per
Grev Per Day 488, 12:52

Never go to a country whose capital is called Bangkok.

*makes obscene gesture*

A. Holst
A. Holst Day 488, 13:15

And another country that Grev Per has made look like its only populated by sexists... But i must admit that it is funny.

And good idea Bjorn, we dont have any trade with them, so it wont do anything but making us look like we react hard and fast. I will propose it rigth away! (i am serious)

sparkster Day 488, 14:29

What is with the threat of sudden trade embargo against us, seriously?

Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts Day 488, 15:35

May as well do it, nothing good comes from Denmark anyhow.

crillep Day 488, 17:45

Erik Vasa
Erik Vasa Day 488, 18:58

Well, I think the Danish government should really look into this. How sad that a Dane would rather go to Thailand than live in Denmark. How many other Danes have emigrated to places like Thailand, and and why? How is our government making our country better? What policies are being developed to keep people in the country? What is being done to increase our birthrate?

Anders Fritjof
Anders Fritjof Day 488, 19:25

he's not a Dane. he came here to spam our boards, paid fully by his government or organization to come here and advertise. The threat of an embargo comes from a disagreement with the method of attempting to steal another eNation's countrymen. Now, Erik, you do have some valid points as far as maintaining and increasing the population. The government does not currently have a standardized procedure for maintaining the status quo. However, there is a feasible limit to what a government with little funds can do as compared to a nation such as eThailand which can pay its mercenary missionaries to go to other countries and try to convert low level players. If someone does not feel as if they are contributing, it is vastly their own fault for not becoming active on the forum and in the many debates and discussions within these newspapers. There are plenty of opportunities to become involved within our land. Also, because we have a lower population than most countries, it is more likely that a player will get noticed here rather than in a pseudocorporation (which many of the other eNations have become.)

Anders Fritjof
Anders Fritjof Day 488, 19:25


Callagan Day 488, 21:10

Yes, we steal other countries' people. But most of the time, it's the eUSA, eUK, and other massive nations. Who'll miss five people from there? I don't condone myself recruiting from the smaller nations, though. We're in the same spot most of them are in.

Anders Fritjof
Anders Fritjof Day 488, 21:31

And i fully understand that, because most of the nations that you are stealing from don't honestly need the people there. But taking from Denmark? we have 198 citizens as opposed to your 312. Now, if you were to come to us and propose perhaps some cooperative initiative by which both nations could flourish, this would be found more acceptable (in my opinion).

Callagan Day 488, 22:45

Okay, lemme make this clear. As Chief of Staff of Thailand, I hereby do not condone this recruitment ad. Seriously, recruit in the big countries. Let the small ones (especially ones smaller than we are!) keep their media free of our ads. Our plan is to get players, not to piss off other countries.

But seriously, a trade embargo?

Jean-Paul Sartre
Jean-Paul Sartre Day 488, 23:01

@Anders: I have a proposal for cooperative initiative: let our countries sign an MPP. You are very succesful in pissing off others. When your neighbours will get bored of you enough to erase you from the map, we will give you military aid.

A. Holst
A. Holst Day 489, 02:16

Our neighbours wont wipe us from the map.

Sweden is far too buissy helping Romania and trying to get an excuse for invading Germany to invade somthing as small as Denmark.

And Germany wants to look like "The helping big brother" by offering to make a "Union" with its neighbours, so they wont ivade us so far...

And yes i am serious with that trade embago, theres nothing bad in it, as theres no trade between our two nations. It is just there so that we can get somthing to discuss and make you upset.

HrBjorn Day 489, 04:59

Jean-Paul Sartre - If you have read our constitution, you would see how the danish way goes, and why it is the most awesome. I would recommend that you read it. Really, do it.

HrBjorn Day 489, 05:29

Oh yeah. And Jean-Paul, who have we pissed off besides South Korea and some Swedish patriots?

Grev Per
Grev Per Day 489, 13:12

Sartre was a pussy philosopher popular among today's teenage wanker-leninists. "Oooh a revolution..I think I'll stay safe in France thank you."

Frantz Fanon is where it's at.

Erik Vasa
Erik Vasa Day 489, 16:23

When I saw sparkster's ad, the flag by his name was DANISH! Now it's Thai. How can you change nationalities just like that? It is very misleading and dishonorable. I think the Thai government should consider this to be a criminal misrepresentation and atke the appropriate steps.

I would oppose a trade embargo against Thailand---Denmark would benefit from increased trade with any trading partners. I wouldn't brag about our constitution: it's just silly. And I do have to remind one of our leaders that Sweden did indeed wipe us off the map from April '08 too January '09.

I do hope the remarks about fault lying with the individual were not personaly directed at me, as I have worked every day, trained every day but one, and am participating in forums in a rate beyond that of my peers. I am only 10 days old in the New World, but I have achieved 5 gold and recruited one person to Denmark.

Erik Vasa
Erik Vasa Day 489, 16:29

Oh, and Jack Roberts: Denmark has contributed Hans Christian Andersen, Niels Bohr, Tycho Brahe, Victor Borge, Helena Christensen, Isaac Dinesen, Dietrich Buxtehude, and Brigitte Nielsen. There's ten. Can you name ANY famous Thais?

Anders Fritjof
Anders Fritjof Day 489, 16:55

They were not directed at you, but rather at those the author (whose actions have been rejected by Thailand, and we thank them for that) implied did not feel they were making a contribution. I commend you, Vasa, for your rapid integration within the system and your well-thought commentary on many articles. I also oppose said embargo, but alas I am not yet a congressman. I do not believe a nation should be held responsible for the actions of a rogue individual, but rather discussions with said nation should be held.

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