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Answering all questions.

Day 1,872, 10:36 Published in USA USA by James Pro

All questions from last week are going to be answered.

Day 1,867, 02:52
Write about a chicken in every pot.

It's an interesting story.



I literally do not understand this nor is it a question, moving on.

Phoenix Quinn
Day 1,867, 08:54
Is being "too drunk" really a sufficient rationale to "not fuck"? Please discuss

For me this question would be easy, as I am asexual (do not want sex) but for others this might be an actual problem (maybe), it is a moral dilemma (i think) but for this answer i would go on my the principals I already have, if it is someone you care about, such as a romantic interest, then no, if not, then maybe; depending on your morals and the person in question.

Ayame Crocodile
Day 1,867, 10:38
Is having Breaktfast, Brunch, Second Breakfast, Elevenses, Lunch, Dinner, Tea, Supper and Midnight Meal being a tad greedy?

Would you suggest dropping the Second Breakfast or instead Tea?

Any help with this conundrum would be appreciated.

Truthfully I believe it is a a bit greedy and I would drop Elevenses instead of second breakfast or tea because of the spacing of time. Traditionally Breakfast is at lets say 7am so then the schedule would go like this

Breakfast 7am
brunch 9am
second breakfast 10am
elevenses 11am
lunch 12pm
dinner 6pm
tea 7pm
supper 8pm
and midnight meal 12am

So i suggest a schedule with no second breakfast or elevenses but instead an afternoon meal at 3pm so the would look like this

Breakfast 7am
brunch 9am
lunch 12pm
afternoon meal 3pm
dinner 6pm
tea 7pm (its small so were keeping it)
supper 8pm
and midnight meal 12 am

Please comment your questions for next week, they will be answered sometime from friday to sunday

If it can't be fixed by duct tape, then you're not reading enough duct tape.



pop George
pop George Day 1,872, 14:57

I would query PQ back for a better understanding of his question cause drunk and rational don't mix. Would having someone (who you only woke because walking across town without pants, while an option...) tell you your pants where up in the top bunk "where you were to drunk too fuck..." good enough rationale not to walk back home half naked?

PeVall Day 1,872, 15:02

wtf, you are asexual?

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,878, 02:38

Interesting addendum to the conundrum pop G.

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