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Another great man leave.

Day 1,916, 08:05 Published in India India by Patanjali
Kahani Ek mahan insan ki


tad eva artha matra nirbhasam svarupa shunyam iva samadhih
When only the essence of that object, place, or point shines forth in the mind, as if devoid even of its own form, that state of deep absorption is called deep concentration or samadhi, which is the eighth rung. – Patanjali, Yoga Sutra

A great player decided to leave this “cruel” world and told us he’s last words.

...I personally have decided this game belongs to the Balkans and I am an idiot for fattening up admins who like to take advantage of nationalistic fervours.
… why the hell should I spend my RL time and effort to get more people in, when the admins do not care to make a FREE game with a GOOD FRIGGIN ECONOMY.

Sadly, he is not the only one to do that.
See, eR is like a sea, having tides. New people came and some elders leave and all that remain when they are gone is our memory, facts and/or words that we remember.

Sure, this game is an interesting way of people to know each other, to know new civilizations (behind them screen).
I’m a living example for that, because I was running away the Balkan way of playing the game, with so much national hatred and found in eIndia the peaceful place that I like to eLive (perhaps to live too).

Strange in here is that Ashwamedh blame the Romanian admins for how they manage the game (with very good reasons) and, in the same time, he acknowledges me as a friend (great honor for me, but being also a Romanian myself).

So, knowing him was a great experience for me, cos he is mature enough to teach me more about the great Indian culture and to share with me he’s opinions.
I always imagined the talks with him like after a good dinner, with a glass of brandy near and a fine cigar lighted.

Phir milenge, mera dost !

Meri subhkamay tumhare saath hain !


RD1234 Day 1,916, 08:10

Good bye Ashwamedh!! Will miss you 🙁

MermaidPrincess Day 1,916, 08:10

\o Ash

Terciopelo Day 1,916, 08:47

: ) : ) o7

ayush121212 Day 1,917, 04:43

will miss you ash 🙁

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