Another brick in the bug...

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Fist at all, this first paragraph is dedicated to admins. telling this the about this article.

As you know we are under romanian and asterian invasion, they are one of the "strongest" rivals on the game, they are more than us, with more gold and bars, and owners of the most part of eRtime in his side.

Chile is their antagonist country, like many other "small" countries in relation to them.

But this is not a problem for us. The real problem to us are the rules,they are not the same to all in our case, with chile as example to this..

The recent history of chilean game.

We have had many "bugs" in mechanics in the last weeks, probably to being in war against adminis. They look as romanians because they do everything to boycott our plans to be free of romania.

1 The first problem was "Open RW"

Admins hide the options to we can't open rw...we send ticket and them accept this solicitud calling a bug

With this we lose our prime time to have a chance to be free, the battle starts in romania prime time. finally we lose the campaign and they help romania to win grain.

Chile was under the dark again, Having to wait 24 hrs to open a new rw….

2 Censorship

Product of this as we don't have a solution, we decide to show to all ,the reason to don't open rw on chilean time as expected.

But all of our articles were removed, and our players were punished, published with different names and contents but on the same topic.

3 Damage

Finally opening a new rw, we try to go for our first resource, but turning the wall it's more difficult when you opponent is Romania, is not a F5 problem, several minutes the major damage can't turning the romanian wall.

4 Fail As and Wiped again.

When we won the rw.

We send airstrike to slovenia, we win NE to romania and Perú win DOW on Chile, our last chance will be start a coup before peru law passes.

But Plato had a new surprise to Chile again, we can't start a Coup…

Perú attack on Chile at 18:12 eR time

And we try to start Coup on 17:40 eR time

The region haven't attacks at the moment to send the coup… ofc, we send ticket with non response, with this, Perú attacking Chile before AS starts.

In other case, they can't attack us with the coup on curse, and we are free to fly. Plato bug us again.

This is systematically boycotting a country because others could initiate a coup.

To our “enemys” i have to say, please don't report this article, we only want a fair game to keep on playing. is very hard fight against the adversity plus “Bugs”...

In my last words i have to say...

We don't need no education…
we know the rules.

We don't need no thought control…
we have autonomy…

No dark sarcasm in mechanics

Plato leave them players alone
Hey, plato..., leave them Chile alone

All in all it's just another brick in the wall..
All in all you're just another brick in the Bug...

Another brick in the bug...