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Announcement from the portuguese government

Day 1,981, 09:16 Published in Spain Portugal by C. Apuleio

Hello citizens of eSpain,

I, the portuguese CP, in the name of the portuguese government took the liberty to make this announcement, to explain and tell the truth beyond what happened in this past two weeks, about the negotiations of the Iberian Pact, the events occurred in some of our RWs, the loss of Açores and the actions made by some of our citizens and private MUs.

I think this clarification is urgent and necessary, because i think that many details and aspects have been omitted and hidden from the spanish population and congress.

The Iberian Pact

As you may remember, ePortugal and eSpain have signed, since day 1945 the Iberian Pact.

It is stated in the last few lines of it that:

“Se ha llegado a un acuerdo con condiciones bastante draconianas para Portugal, pero no nos engañemos: si Portugal demuestra con el paso del tiempo que no tiene segundas intenciones y que ha dejado de ser una amenaza para eEspaña, estas duras condiciones perderán su razón de ser y serán revisadas en reuniones mensuales por los gobiernos que vayan siendo elegidos en ambas naciones. Esa es la idea subyacente en este acuerdo donde eEspaña tiene “la sartén por el mango” y ha exigido garantías dados los precedentes.”

So, after almost a month without incidents, despite the civil war that has emerged in our community after being known the terms of this Pact, and almost everybody took a position against it, the fact is that like a country of word and honour that we are, even not agreeing with the terms of the Pact, most of the community respected what was agreed between the presidents in the name of the country, but not supporting it.

So. as soon as i assumed the CP position, i’ve contacted with Tritius, Mininuns and Duxx, in order to start the renegotiation of the Treaty, in order to achieve a Treaty that could be approved by the portuguese community, a Treaty that could last and bring peace to our countries and mutual benefits, things that are impossible to achieve with the actual Pact, or like it is known and called in ePortugal, the “Pact of Submission”, or the “Shame Pact”.

After a first meeting with Tritius, where he seemed receptive to the proposals that i’ve presented:

- 0 MPPs, because we have no money to sign them (we’re having 1k cc income per day), we also prefer to stay neutral for some time, and don't sign MPPs with anybody, unless with eSpain, as a form of warranty and took of goodwill about our intentions and commitment to this new Treaty.

This was also the most controversial question on the Pact signed, it was seen like eSpain just not only owns our regions, but also our destiny and capacity of decision about what we want for our own country.

It is not acceptable that a country that occupies another, chooses and decides the friends and enemies he must have, that’s not a NAP, that’s a Submission Pact.

- Return of the 500k in weekly installments (the value was set up at 5k per week as minimum as long as the treaty goes well, Tritius proposed 100cc, and i cannot describe how offensive that was, even worse that not giving anything), so that the portuguese people can see that this money is just a caution, and it will in fact return if the Treaties last and are fulfilled, because almost everybody in ePortugal thinks that this money is already lost, eSpain will just come up with same lame excuse to keep them (as it seems it has already occurred...).

So, this was a good point to restore some confidence in eSpains real intentions about these Treaty, and show to the portuguese people that the spaniards are not so bad after all, and can be trusted.

- Alteration of the “In case of disagreement, this treaty will be automatically renewed for 1 month.” clause.

This does not make any sense, it only takes the CP of eSpain says no to any proposal presented, in order to get the Treaty renewed ad eternum!

And it took less than a month for this to happen!

I’ll quote Tritius words:

“I cannot accept the conditions you propose on the last meeting. So, as I said, and as agreed on the pact, treaty is renewed.”

I have suggested, that if there’s no agreement between the two parties, the 500k should be frozen, till a new agreement is reached.

Essentially for these points, we can’t call a NAP to what was signed last month, and for the time that these actual terms prevail in the Treaty, the hate and resistance to eSpain will only grow among the portuguese people.

Your nation has to decide if they want ePortugal as a friend, or as an enemy.

If you want us as a friend, the least that you can do, is to revise these points of the Pact and stop treating us like slaves, trying to own us in every way and deciding our future.

So after the incidents in Norte and Açores, Tritius was overwhelmed by the whole situation, and incapable of dealing with so many fronts in battle, so he started to tremble, and his posture as changed completely.

He denied all the propositions made, and renewed the Pact by himself.

I asked him if it was his final answer, and if it was, that he should present the final version of the Treaty (which he never did), so i could present it to the portuguese people, to be decided in referendum.

Obviously that presenting the same treaty, would have lead to a big and huge denial from the portuguese community.

Aware by that, the MoFA team of Tritius, and some representatives of TWO and Poland, have reunited with me, and we started to debate alternatives to this whole situation, in order to make the Treaty last.

After several talks, we have agreed in the same vision, objectives and future of the Treaty, there were good and solid bases so a new Treaty, with good chances of becoming approved by the portuguese people, could be real, and steps were being made and planned so that this could happen.

But then i was informed that Tritius had fired his MoFA team, and then the negotiations have faced a new setback...

So i had to reach this point, to put it all in front of the spanish community and its congress, so they can decide about the future of the Treaty and the relationship between ePortugal and eSpain.

You can’t deny all the will and efforts made, to keep this renegotiation alive, and maintain the Treaty viable, it would have been a lot easier just to respond in the same coin as Tritius did, and end it at a early stage, but if we are still talking about the possibility of keeping the Treaty alive, i think it proves very well the level of commitment of the portuguese government, and the desire of the portuguese people and congress to build a fair and honourable Non-Agression Pact.

So it is in your hands the fate of this Pact and the which path will our two nations choose.

The Norte and Açores RWs plus MEK day

As you may all know, eSpain had maby fronts in those earlier days of this month, the offensive of Argentina in UK, the AS of eSpain to eArgentina, the maintenance of the territories in eCanada, eVenezuela and ePortugal, became too much overwhelming to be all supported and won with success.

With the attention focused in helping eSpain to keep the regions granted by ePortugal through the Pact, the government made all the efforts and took all the measures at his reach to prevent that eSpain would loss these regions.

All the MUs were advised and all the riscs were explained to them, we even ordered that the portuguese hit for eSpain on those battles, you can confirm in the Top damage of eSpain the several millions made by some of our citizens.

And why we did this?

No, it was not because the Pact will got broken if one of the regions was lost, that’s a very abusive interpretation of what is (not) written in the Pact, there’s no point regarding and referring this possibility and it also doesn’t not contemplate the steps and measures to take in case this happens, like in all regular NAPs around the eworld, but the problem is that this is not a NAP, but a Submission Pact, i almost forgot...

We did it because we respect the treaty that was signed (even if we not agree with it) and we are committed to renegotiate and enlast it, so it is important that we cooperate and help each other, that’s a good base for confidence and trust, and that’s the only way we have to make this Treaty work.

But despite the portuguese government has made everything at his reach to prevent the loss of the regions, we observed several CUA soldiers and even many of eSpain allies fighting in this battle, hiting for ePortugal, instead of eSpain!

This situation was promptly presented to Tritius and all the proof were also sent to akashapeke, so they were always informed of who was really hitting and winning the battles in Norte and Açores, you can also confirm the Top damages of these battles , and i can send all the proofs of your allies hitting for us, to whoever asks for it.

But strangely Tritius didn’t accepted this or he pretend that he didn’t saw it, he prefered to blame us, for what our private MU MEK did, but what he does not understand, it that the portuguese government do not control the private and mercenary units, and has no way of doing it, besides condemning those acts and warn those MUs for the consequences of their acts, which we did.

It’s a fact that MEK with the support of CUA had made you lose your precious bonus, but the portuguese government, or our community in its majority has supported or contributed for this directly, so no responsibility can be imputed to us.

MEK could have easily liberated our own regions, but they decided not to do this, because they know that this would have much worse consequences to the possible breaking of the Pact, because that way we would have portuguese people fighting and supporting our own battles, and this would in fact lead to a break of the Pact.

But this didn’t happened, there were other countries winning our battles, and the spaniards not hitting there, due to the several fronts they had opened

Tritius has threatened me several times, that if i had not secure those regions the Pact was going down, but once again, we was making an abusive interpretation of what is (not) written in the Pact, there is no point stating that ePortugal must preserve at all cost the regions under eSpain dominion, even if there are other countries trying to do it and eSpain is not helping there.

This was the real reason and the truth about the loss of Açores and the struggle in Norte, nothing else.

But the spanish community must be aware, that these kind of actions, like MEK did, will only grow, like the hatred of portuguese people towards you will, while the actual terms of this Treaty stands.

If there’s a real intention of the spanish community to have a peace treaty and improve the relationship between our two countries, it is urgent to change the actual terms of the Pact signed last month, you need to start treating us more like friends, instead of slaves, that’s the only way that our citizens can respect each other, and any Treaty could last.

The return of Açores the possibility of a new Treaty

After the refusal of Tritius to the proposals presented by me to the renegotiation of the Pact and the situations occurred in Norte and Açores, i’ve asked for a meeting with TWO HQ and Poland (the keepers and referee of the 500k).

This meeting went very well, and we all agreed in the same vision that we had for the future of our countries and even the alliance, as well as the terms that a new Treaty should have.

So, with the help of the spanish MoFA team, Poland and TWO representatives, we started to draw the future of the Treaty, and the return of Açores to eSpain, because there was not a single second that ePortugal didn’t granted the use of Açores to eSpain, the region simply was accidentally lost, due to external intervention.

But a couple of days ago i was informed by Mininuns that he and his team were fired by Tritius, which lead us to another major setback...

Due to this, i’ve spoken once again with Tritius, and i elaborated a plan to the recover of Azores, but Tritius only would accept it, if the 500k come to eSpain.

Reaching this point, i had to make this announcement and i would like to appeal to the spanish community and especially to the spanish congress, that if you are interested in a Peace Treaty with ePortugal, we have to change the actual terms of the Pact that is signed as soon as we can.

We consider that this pact is still in vigor, and we have done everything to fulfill it, beside that Tritius or its government has never issued ou make any communication informing that the Pact was considered as broken, so, for all due effects, the Pact still stands.

I’ve always put at the disposal all the means necessary for the return of Açores to eSpain, so you can lauch NE to ePortugal whenever you want, in order to regain it, i’ve also launched NE to Mexico for two reasons, so that we could help our colombian brothers to have congress, and to make the MPPs that we had with Poland and Serbia fall, so you can NE us with no problem and at any time.

So if your congress desires, launch the proposal of NE, and we will deliver Açores with no problem.

We also know that you probably will wipe us, but everything is recoverable and we won’t ask for any compensation for it, like your CP did for the loss of Açores that was not our responsibility.

I would like to thank all those that have read this till the end, and i expect that now you can understand that ePortugal is really committed in achieving a fair and respectable Peace Treaty with eSpain, that’s what we want, our requests are reasonable, and with your goodwill an agreement could be easily reached.

I think that after this announcement, all of you will clearly see that we have good intention, and have been making all the efforts to enhance and improve the relationship between our two countries, so that we both can benefit from it.

PS: For those who don't understand english:

I also would like to thank to Caio Apuleio, for allowing this article to be published in the spanish media in the name of portuguese government.

Best regards,


Portuguese CP


Izlanfero Day 1,981, 09:25

¿En cristiano por favor?

PretenderHT Day 1,981, 09:28

Algum corajoso para traduzir?

Cristiano Rod
Cristiano Rod Day 1,981, 09:41

Já me conhecem em Espanha, ou é do CR7 que falam?

Cuscurro Day 1,981, 14:34


Jonas73 PT
Jonas73 PT Day 1,981, 09:34

WTF? Eu ando em espanhol, tenho boas notas e não sei o que este gajo acabou de dizer...

Blue69Diamond Day 1,981, 09:36

Acabou de te dizer para falares como o ronaldo

Wigga Day 1,981, 11:16

Eu penso que, penso que a equipa teve bem. As coisas não tavam fáceis mas, penso que tavamos tranquilos e penso que fizemos o nosso trabalho.

AGuido17 Day 1,981, 12:45

e um dito espanhol lol

pabman11 Day 1,981, 10:15

Encima que me quitan un stio en el TOP, van y lo ponen en ingles...

AGuido17 Day 1,981, 12:42

Google Translate te hace el trabajo si no sabes inglés.

AGuido17 Day 1,981, 13:43

y es exáctamente lo que dije yo...

lord of shade
lord of shade Day 1,981, 15:28

para los que solo entienden español

FabMao Day 1,981, 09:26


FabMao Day 1,981, 09:43

leído hasta el final, en mi opinión Tritius esta llevando a España a su decadencia, el no sabe ver nada mas que cc y cc y cc, para él sólo eso motiva su juego y su existencia aquí, lamentablemente es que eso ha dejado una mala imagen de España a nivel de acuerdos internacionales que incluso Polonia ha presenciado de primera mano.

Rona1d Day 1,981, 12:53

He is a jew 😛

Xilmar Day 1,981, 09:30

Mejor hubiera sido que lo publicarais en portugués, queridinhos!

Jonas73 PT
Jonas73 PT Day 1,981, 09:33

Leva a tua ironia para outro sitio...

Xilmar Day 1,981, 09:35

Que susceptible, gajo!
Falei sem ironia...toma tila

PretenderHT Day 1,981, 09:45

Não me parece que muitos espanhóis concordem com isso Xilmar...
"No entiendo"

Mskin4 Day 1,981, 09:47

Eu gosto do português *.*

elMengu Day 1,981, 10:36

Y las razones para hacer eso son...

Imagínate el Gobierno publicando un boletín oficial en español por la prensa portuguesa, se les acabarían los insultos hacia nosotros.

Dio Pumba
Dio Pumba Day 1,981, 09:32

E o Portugues???


Alvaro  Cunhal
Alvaro Cunhal Day 1,981, 09:32


sambade Day 1,981, 09:33


Cristiano Rod Day 1,981, 09:33

Comment deleted

El Manolito
El Manolito Day 1,981, 09:34


Revolucionarbgd Day 1,981, 09:34


Xilmar Day 1,981, 09:38

É que solo a um português ocorresse a ideia de escrever aos espanhóis em língua inglesa.
Muy-muito LOL!

sambade Day 1,981, 09:40

e uma carta aberta aos espanhois e ao mundo
se nao sabes ingles e um problema teu

Xilmar Day 1,981, 09:43

Felizmente, se inglês e português, toalha!

Izlanfero Day 1,981, 09:53

Si, es una carta abierta al mundo entero, pero la publicais en España. Allá donde fueres haz lo que vieres.

eDarkMind Day 1,981, 11:03

Vaya, primero tendremos que sabar si el CP portugues sabe español o no.
Yo si fuera a escribir algo en Polonia lo haría en inglés, vamos que si lo tengo que hacer en polaco mal vamos.

Otra cosa, sería si supiera españolm, entonces lo podría haber publicado tanto en español como en portugues.
Jo, como os gusta quejaros por todo, xD.

Darth Pointy
Darth Pointy Day 1,981, 09:42

Muito LOL és tu. Já aprendias era inglês. Bem que querias ler o que está escrito, mas faltam-te habilidades.

elMengu Day 1,981, 10:38

Xilmar es parlante nativa de inglés, listillo. Habría que ver cómo lo hablas tú, si es que acaso eres capaz.

Darth Pointy
Darth Pointy Day 1,981, 10:41

Well, we can try. U can start. U wanna talk about what?

Xilmar Day 1,981, 11:19

I've lived in USA. Não prejuízos, fãs favor!
Eu só estou a dizer que era melhor escrever em português que em Inglês porque isto vai dirigido aos espanhois. E não era ironia...
Não sejas tão susceptível XD!!!

PretenderHT Day 1,981, 09:43

Xilmar, are you offering to translate it to spanish?
This is an open letter to the world, so no portuguese or spanish versions, included, but anybody is free to make one.

Darth Pointy
Darth Pointy Day 1,981, 09:45

E achas que ele sabe inglês? Deve saber espanhol e mal.

sambade Day 1,981, 09:45

so se utilzar o google tradutor

Mskin4 Day 1,981, 09:48

That make no sense. A portuguese should write portuguese.

This is coming from a galician who knows galician, spanish, english and portuguese.

PretenderHT Day 1,981, 09:55

It's a question of universality Mskin4...

eDarkMind Day 1,981, 11:08

If we start discussing even for the language used there is not solution for us.
Come on, like it or not, English is the common language used for nearly everything. If you send a ticket you have to do it in english (or not? no sure).
Let´s talk about the articule.

PretenderHT Day 1,981, 11:12

Wisest words till now dear eDarkMind!

Xilmar Day 1,981, 11:21

Si eu tiver tempo para fazer a tradução, faria com gosto.
Infelizmente, não tenho 🙁

Lucifel Day 1,981, 09:39

Óptimo trabalho PretenderHT pelo artigo e pela exposição de toda a história para que possa ser lida e entendida pelos dois países.

smash3r Day 1,981, 09:40

Shame on Tritius. MEK is not controlled by anyone. We do, what we want to do.

If you dont let us dream, we wont let you sleep. MEK DAY was just the beginning.


sambade Day 1,981, 09:41

ele nao sabe ingles tens que lhe escrever em castelhano

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