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Annexation, Slave/Puppet State, or Independence?

Day 2,067, 18:03 Published in Canada Ukraine by zachmunshaw

I have heard there are some talks about giving us what is ours for a price, let me ask you, If I took over your beloved house and didn't leave, would you A. Force me out B. agree to terms that force you to help me fight my battles, or C. Call your friends and do what A suggests, well two of those three answers are correct, hell even right now we are helping our allies and even those who simply need our help we are absent home, and we are absent title. we are refugees wandering but we still make sure others don't endure our hardships by helping them. I'm not saying that these negotiations are bad, all I'm saying is if today we fight alongside Asgard why tomorrow do we negotiate to fight against them with TWO.

We have much to do, and there is an easy why out, but we become snakes, worse then a refugee, just remember a traitor has no friends when he needs them most.

The is Munshaw bringing the last article of today tomorrow we might talk about CoT, or Rainbows, who knows.



ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Day 2,067, 19:17

agreed any deal that turn's our back on Asgard or forces us into helping spain is absolutely not an option in my opinion, bowing to demands to: not attack someone, or pay tribute in land, gold, and CAD is acceptable but i think i'll leave eCan if we turn into back stabbers.

zachmunshaw Day 2,067, 19:23

I'm happy someone agrees with me, I mean we lost so paying tribute is acceptable, but anything else is not.

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 2,067, 20:11

The problem is the occupation has no end in sight, and the damage to the community that this occupation has caused is extensive, it's not as simple as the scenario you put forth. We can either stop the bleeding, or continue to bleed out until we're bled dry and no one is left to trumpet the call to 'Never Surrender!'

I don't believe we are betraying our allies as well. First off, Asgard is crap when it comes to actually helping us, but we always set our BOs for them, we get nothing in return. Back under Oinyo we got more help from Saudi Arabia than we did from Asgard our 'allies'.

I can also remember when everyone was unwilling to join CoT because it would involve 'betraying' our 'traditional allies' Colombia and Portugal. Well...guess what these countries moved on, and Canada shouldn't be anybodies pawn any longer.

zachmunshaw Day 2,068, 16:42

CoT is a good idea, and we can't let old wounds fester.

Lance Lucky
Lance Lucky Day 2,067, 22:32


Pants Magee
Pants Magee Day 2,068, 05:23

The way this game works makes Asgard a joke alliance. If you think 4 countries, Canada 1357, Finland 887, Sweden, 741, Norway 251, can do anything against a Spain, 9405, you are mad. I think we only got into this Alliance because Rylde had a thing for Sweden.

If you want to get anything done in this game you need to be part of TWO or COT or some how manage to pick out countries from those 2 and create a new alliance. Otherwise you get what we currently have.

Asgard is fail. (even though i still battle for it)

P. Magee

Scientist AL
Scientist AL Day 2,068, 10:44

My opinion:
A solution for your state would be Albania mode

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